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 Plot Updates & Information (Post Here)(Updated Often)

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PostSubject: Plot Updates & Information (Post Here)(Updated Often)   Plot Updates & Information (Post Here)(Updated Often) Icon_minitimeSat Jul 26, 2008 5:43 pm

Dragonscove Overall:
Season: Summer
Surahnian Rebels: Preparing to peacefully assume control of Jiluria and the surrounding area; likely spreading south thereafter.
Defenders of Dragons Cove: Unrest in Didienne reaches a peak; the High Council has been Eliminated!
Maledictus Eice: Currently focused on the lightning stone; destroying or corrupting?


Stone Locations and status:

Fire: Approximately in deep desert territory
Water: Safe and in Tarz
Earth: Safe and in Racksom now held by the SR
Electric: Destroyed! The remains are within Celen's Fall
Wind: Safe and in Guardians Haven

*Italics indicate NPCs*

Defenders of Dragons Cove:

Guardian dragon (blue)---Silverwing (Monty)
Guardian dragon (red)--- Feronia (Aero)
Guardian dragon (yellow)---Týphon (Echoingscreams)
Guardian dragon (green)---Sebantais (Eldarwen)
Guardian dragon (purple)---Vitreasa (Monty)

High Council Members:
Skeloph (Human) (Artemis)
Kadland (Human) (Aero)
Innace (Human) (Eldarwen)
* (Human) (Zay)
Farios (Dragon) (Zay)
Jeremy (Human) (Grysebrume)
Theodonys (Human) (Grysebrume)

*Farios acting replacement

Prince Atleon (Human) (Eldarwen)

City Council Members;
(Yarrowitz) Elai (Human) (Aero)
(Yarrowitz) Jobin (Human) (Aero)

Academy Affiliates:
Head in Academics: Apollo (Avian) (Nen)

Elite Warriors:
Hone (Dragon) (Rogue)
Zeal (Dragon) (Aero)
Zykolos (Dragon) (Artemis)
Lolantellah (Dragon) (Eldarwen)

Arenia (Dragon) (Spiritdragon)
Armeno (Elf) (Artemis)
Del'ure (Demon) (Eldarwen)
Ericius (Dragon) (Echoingscreams)
Jackdaww (Human) (StormKatz)
Jaden (Dragon) (Artemis)
Kagan (Goblin) (Echoingscreams)
Kono (Dragon) (Lastinginthenight)
Lena (Avian) (Taj)
Lyrian (Dragon) (Tegan)
Mask (Human) (Tegan)
Measle (Dragon) (StormKatz)
Mirage (Dragon) (ElizaFlame13)
Nickolai (Human) (Spiritdragon)
Okoru (Dragon) (Tegan)
Raffietti (Dragon) (Stormkatz)
Rilos (Dragon) (Rogue)
Rokam (Dragon) (Artemis)
Rose Axelheim (Elf) (ElizaFlame13)
Sandy (Human - Dragonrider) (Monty)
Talos (Avian) (Aero)
Tegan (Elf) (Tegan)
Zack (Dragon) (Rogue)

The Surahnian Rebels:

King: Zartear Straten (Zay)
Second in Command: Unfilled
Lead Strategist and Tactician: Atoro Reimeghan(Human) (Rogue)
Bow master: Rovalen
Second in command Bow Master: Siofra (Half-Elf) (Eldarwen)
Swords master: Andyr (Human) (Nen)

Akira (Human) (Lastinginthenight)
Alice (Necro-Doll) (Eldarwen)
Cato (Human/Werewolf) (Nyx)
Dekhovra (Human) (Artemis)
Deos (Human) (Aero)
Evgenii (Human) (Nen)
Falcon (Shape Shifter) (Nen)
Felren (Human) (Taj)
Geronimo (Human) (Elizaflame13)
Khonsu (Werejackal) (Nyx)
Kvinna (Dragon) (Nen)
Llarria (Dragon) (Stormkatz)
Lourna Krishnev (Human) (Elizaflame13)
Mizu (Dragon) (Lastinginthenight)
Rhynna (Dragon) (Artemis)
Sildred (Human) (Nen)
Sinyaya Krasota (Dragon (Elizaflame13)
Starling (Avian) (StormKatz)
Static (Human) (Rogue)
Underlund (Book) (Echoingscreams)
Veces (Human) (Echoingscreams)
Vespira (Human) (Tegan)
Xaoc (Dragon) (Eldarwen)
Yuzan Feneck (Human) (Zay)
Zhenya (Avian) (Artemis)

Maledictus Eice

Co-Leader: Anækileya (dragon) (Artemis)
Co-Leader: Vythiweiah (dragon) (Aero)

Azenth (dragon) (Zay)
Charon (dragon) (Jay)
Dyavol (dragon) (Stormkatz)
Fenrir (dragon) (Eldarwen)
Freya (dragon) (Nyx)
Jittan (dragon) (Artemis)
Mateious (dragon) (Taj)
Oceianna (dragon) (Stormkatz)
Syntribos (dragon) (Rogue)
Temero (dragon) (Spiritdragon)
Volith (dragon) (Tegan)
Yrana (dragon) (ElizaFlame13)

Neutral Characters;

Celölas (Dragon) (Stormkatz)
Eliza (Water Sylph) (Stormkatz)
Eythil (Human) (Taj)
Faust (Phoenix) (Nyx)
Gerris (dragon) (Nen)
Hydra (Dragon) (Elizaflame13)
Iris (Dragon) (Kavyle)
Ixas (Human) (Zay)
Lyvas (Undead) (Nen)
Malakath (Half-Elf) (Malakath Grimm)
Purpurapilum (Dragon) (Malakath Grimm)
Pyre (Dragon) (Nyx)
Raven (Malakath Grimm)
Rhys (Human) (Stormkatz)
Rintho (Lich) (Zay)
Sarka (Dragon) (Spiritdragon)
Silence Firenza (Human) (Elizaflame13)
Tatsu (Dragon) (Tegan)
Vannelson (Human) (Aero)

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Plot Updates & Information (Post Here)(Updated Often) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Plot Updates & Information (Post Here)(Updated Often)   Plot Updates & Information (Post Here)(Updated Often) Icon_minitimeMon Dec 30, 2013 2:31 pm

Welcome to the new boards of the plot. Sign-up aplenty!


"Meet me at the Caves" (21st Board)

Setting: Azure Caves
Time: 18th of July 2709, early in the morning
This takes place after Armeno has returned from his mission in Racksom and before he returns - hopefully with a partner in crime - to the DDC.

Private board between Rogue (Kassandra/Static) and Artemis (Armeno).

"Chaos has a name..." (22nd Board)

Setting: Somewhere in the rainforest surrounding the general area of the late Electric/Lightning Stone.
Time: 6th of July 2709, 4pm
This takes place right after the destruction of the Electric/Lightning Stone and a few days after the Guardian Dragons' meeting with the city council in Yarrowitz.

Sebantais and Vitreasa are on their way to help out their fellow Guardians and inspect the current situation when they happen upon a rather shaken band of Maledictus Eice and the chaos caused by the destruction of the Electric/Lightning Stone.

May join this board: ME members, Sebantais and Vitreasa, as well as anyone in the general area searching for a plausible way into the plot.

- Anaekileya (Artemis)
- Sebantais and Fenrir (Eldarwen)
- Illeana (Rogue)
- Dyavol and Oceianna (Stormkatz)
- Vythiweiah (Aero)

"The Circus is in town" (23rd Board)

Setting: Didienne, Town Square
Time: 9th of July 2709, 6.30am
The circus is the perfect spying tool for the SR as well as the DDC - let the show begin.

May join this board: Circus members as well as anyone fitting the scenario searching for a plausible way into the plot.

- Zhenya and Rhynna (Artemis)
- Rimegon and Asrai (Spiritdragon)
- Silence (ElizaFlame13)
- Lusorio (Echo)
- Rhys and Ithelle (Stormkatz)

"Expedition or Shirking Active Duty" (24th Board)

Setting: Somewhere on the Everplains between Racksom and Jiluria
Time: 8th of July 2709, 3pm
This takes place after the Surahnian Tactics board and after it has been decided that the army marches on.

The SR is marching along on their merry way. Alice and Underlund have been tagging along ever since Racksom was taken down. When the SR find some strange ruins leading deep underground, who but the magical book would suggest a search party? Treasures may await those who are interested in going down...

May join this board: SR members, Alice and Underlund in particular, as well as anyone in the general area and fitting the scenario searching for a plausible way into the plot.

- Dekhovra (Artemis)
- Lourna (ELizaFlame13)
- Underlund (Echo)
- Alice (Eldarwen)
- Raven (Malakath Grimm)

"Somebody help?" (25th Board)

Setting: Harglen
Time: 4th of July, 2709, 5pm

This takes place after the boards in Eastern Everplains where Atleon and his band of refugees and Elites have decided to seek supplies and hospitality in Harglen and most of all to spread the news and organise a fighting chance for the DDC.

May join this board: Any members of DDC - specifically those from the Eastern Everbridge boards - as well as anyone in the general area and fitting the scenario searching for a plausible way into the plot.

- Rilos (Rogue)
- Kagan and Ericius (Echo)
- Atleon (Eldarwen)
- Jackdaww and Measle (Stormkatz)
- Malakath Grimm and Purpurapilum (Malakath Grimm)

"Fair Play" (26th Board)

Setting: Jiluria
Time: 17th of July, 2709, 1pm

11 days after the board Surahnian tactics, the men and women of Surahnia have marched again for their King, banners raised to claim swathes of new land as they press harder on the DDC- This time without resistance. Jiluria has already bowed to the Surahnians, the citizens either fleeing or submitting to the new rule. Some have done so quite gladly, but many through lack of options, but there has been no fighting, only gifts given to the Jilurians and begrudgingly given freedom in return.
Now however, a truly priceless exchange must take place.

May join this board: Currently private between Zay and Rogue, although may become open to other joiners later.

- Rintho (Zay)
- Atoro (Rogue)

"Power's many faces" (27th Board)

Setting: New Racksom, Palace
Time: 7th of July, 3709, 7pm

The life of royal Surahnians is never dull; between the organisation of masses, theatrical slaying of enemies and leading a nation of people to victory...Zartear finds himself this time with an unexpected and slightly more interesting form of company, and from the enemy no less.
Skeloph Yeriss, she-wolf of the Didienne High Council, is not a stranger to games of power or acting the part as a means to the ends. But the outcome of this meeting, is down to fate to say the least.

Private board between Zay (Zartear) and Artemis (Skeloph)

- Zartear (Zay)
- Skeloph (Artemis)

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

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Plot Updates & Information (Post Here)(Updated Often)
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