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 Kumiko (Kitsune)

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PostSubject: Kumiko (Kitsune)   Kumiko (Kitsune) Icon_minitimeThu Oct 28, 2010 11:50 am

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Kumiko (Kitsune) Foxs009
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Name: Kumiko (koo-ME-co)
Age: 331- physically in early twenties and unaging
Birthday: 1st January
Gender: Female
Type of person: General annoyance
Relation to any dragons: None
Likes: Annoying people, hurting people, killing people, being in a physical form, being a slut, magic, other demons, foxes, males
Dislikes: Being bested, having to be serious, things she can’t understand, her expiry date
Description: Being a kitsune, Kumiko is able to shift between two forms- fox and human. While both are easy for her to remain in, her most natural form is the fox. As a fox, she has nine tails- three are tangible, and six are more like illusions. She can, however, make them appear more opaque, and with a real effort she can make them tangible. The only other difference in appearance between her and a real fox is her coat, which changes colour depending on how much magic she’s using. When she’s not using any at all, she’s a coppery gold colour; this changes through copper all the way to the orangey red of a real fox if she’s using a lot of magic. As a human, her hair is the same colour as her fur, with white tips like her tails. It’s longer at the front than at the back, about shoulder length sloping up to more like chin length. She has textbook attractive features, not particularly interesting but pretty. Her eyes are brown and she has pale skin, she’s 5’5 tall. She tends to wear dresses, even though they’re somewhat impractical- her preference is something with a tight bodice and loose, floor-length skirts, ideally red or a similarly loud colour with a low cleavage. She forced a mage to cast a spell on her which meant that her clothes wouldn’t be a problem when she changed to her fox form; however, for some reason it doesn’t work with shoes, and so she usually goes barefoot.
Other: When kitsune create bodies for themselves, they come with three tails already. Every fifty years after that, they get another tail. After 500 years, their bodies expire and they’re returned to more of a spirit. Seeing as their time in the body is so precisely limited, when they make a body it’s always “spawned” on the first day of a new year. It takes a long, long, long time for them to build each body- however, they don’t really notice the time passing. With each new tail their magic is made slightly more powerful. Kitsune can use most types of magic; however, they can only use two or so at once and nearly all kitsune have a few types which they’re better at than others. Kumiko is good at telekinesis and absorbing magical energy. The tails hold a store of magical power, which can be used as she wants; when it runs out though, she can’t use any magic. When this happens, she’s relatively defenceless, being incompetent with weapons- although she’s extremely strong and will always put up a fight.

~More on personality to come~

~Hot stuff, head to toe~

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Kumiko (Kitsune)
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