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 Baldasarre Zherneboh - The Herbal Expert (Weselli)

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PostSubject: Baldasarre Zherneboh - The Herbal Expert (Weselli)   Baldasarre Zherneboh - The Herbal Expert (Weselli) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 09, 2010 1:26 am

Name: Baldasarre Zherneboh
Age: 45
Birthday: January 4th, 3664
Gender: Male
Race: Weselli
Picture: -In Progress-
Type of Person: Apothecary

Relations to Dragons: -None-
Relations to People: Before the Xerceis were raided and taken down, he worked for their family. He knew Deos, but believes that she died along with the rest of her family. He still lives in Kaionar and now works for the family that conquered his old employers.
Likes: Getting paid, darkness and night, keeping alive
Dislikes: Being attacked, employers reneging on a deal

Description: Baldasarre is more or less a giant weasel. His fur is orange with a white belly, black legs and dark marks around his eyes. He stands at the hight of a normal man and wears a hooded cloak when in the presence of humans and the like. For whatever reason, they don't seem to like it when he walks about in his own fur. He is very good at herbalism, but with his knowledge of all things leafy and green, he is not only just a simple healer. He is very skilled at making poisons and other less than savory concoctions from natural materials of all sorts, making him an important asset to assassins everywhere. He is most famous for a particular brand of powdered poison that dissolves instantly in liquid and has neither smell nor taste, and can take a day to effect the victim, making it the perfect drug for killing someone and being far far away from the site of the murder. He also has the ability to disappear in the literal sense and often uses this ability to hide in plain sight when people come looking to kill him. His third skill is an odd brand of power called "Metae" magic, a talent specific to his race. The Metae magic is the manipulation of kinetic energy. Essentially he can take the energy of a moving object and redirect it for his own purposes. It is exhausting to use this magic, for it essentially requires for him to create a kinetic barrier around himself, be struck by an object or person and use his own body to redirect that energy into the attacker through his hands. It can be useful though in a pinch when Baldasarre is backed into a corner against an angry swordsman. Because of the draining nature of this magic though, he has to consciously create the magical barrier, and doesn't have it active for very long unless he knows he's in danger. The activating spell is "matara meteri metae" and the deactivation spell is "metae meteri matara".

Quirks: Even though he is seldom caught not wearing his cloak, Baldasarre actually hates the garment very much. It's only merit is that it is useful for storing different herbs in the pockets if he has to travel or needs a component to a concoction immediately on hand. He has little experience with actual combat, but always keeps a dagger on hand just incase it is needed.

Personal history: Baldasarre more or less grew up within the walls of Kaionar, learning his trade from an elderly man working for the Xerceis. When his master died, he too was given a position in the Xerceis as their personal healer... and poison maker if the ambitious family took a particular dislike to someone and needed them assassinated. When the Xerceis compound was raided, his life was spared simply because he was useful and had worth. Such is the way of Kaionar. Since the death of his former employers, Baldasarre has been doing much the same thing as before. The aristocratic families of Kaionar at their core really are all the same, after all, so he has been enjoying a plush life safe from most who would wish him dead under the protection of his employers.

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Baldasarre Zherneboh - The Herbal Expert (Weselli)
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