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 Celölas: on a quest for blood (Shade Runner)

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PostSubject: Celölas: on a quest for blood (Shade Runner)   Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:43 pm

Name: Celölas

Age:  30

Birthday: August 2nd, 3679

Gender: Female

Picture: none yet.

Type of Dragon: Shade Runner

Relation to Any Non-Dragon: No rider, not now, not ever, but gets along with most non dragons easily.

Likes: Blood. She loves the wars for the bloodshed, and the sinister spirits that tend to linger around, but doesn’t fight for either side. She fights for herself, and for sport. However, outside of the battlefield, she is mild mannered, and friendly - and extremely jumpy. She will linger in cities to find company, and likes to mingle with non dragons and dragons both, and wouldn’t harm a fly, but when she smells blood, or feels a battle coming she transforms (not literally) into a bloodthirsty beast.

Dislikes: Blood equally, or rather what it does to her. She lives in paranoia of coming into contact with that red elixir. Water and heights. In battles she always tries to avoid ditches or high walls so she won’t need to go up high or into water. She washes herself frequently, but her redder fur is exactly the same shade as dried blood, so she can avoid water even after battles. She also hates being ordered about.

Description: When sat on hind legs, she is about 9 feet tall, and when she is on all fours, running or fighting, she is about 5 feet tall. Her fur is matted, and white arrows on her back point down the length of her central tail. Her central and right tail are perfectly groomed, with blood-red tips that look like they were dipper in fresh bloos, but her leftmost tail is severed half way down from an old battle.

Other: When she is in her violent (bloodthirsty) moods, she will forget how close she is to anyone nearby and focus only on the bloodshed. Some would consider her bad for that alone, but she has no control over herself in these cases. When she is not, she hates herself for what she has done in her bloodthirsty moods after loosing her mind and memories. She looses herself completely, and the inner beast blots out her thoughts. She can be controlled only from outside in these states, and only by the owner of the blood that triggered her switch of personalities.

Size: Small

Her font colour will be red

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Celölas: on a quest for blood (Shade Runner)
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