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 Zack:. -Small body, big heart! (Scroll)

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Zack:. -Small body, big heart! (Scroll) Empty
PostSubject: Zack:. -Small body, big heart! (Scroll)   Zack:. -Small body, big heart! (Scroll) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 23, 2011 6:51 pm

Zack:. -Small body, big heart! (Scroll) Zackypoosprite
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.:Iím gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware!:.

Hi! My nameís Zack!
Now, just because Iím about 3 years old, donít be put off! My birthday is 28th December 3706- obviously the best day!
Youíre wondering how paper lasts so long, arenít you? Well, Iíve got this spell that keeps it proper, but it needs refreshing every so often, if I get too muddy or worn.
Check out that awesome picture of me. Those words on one of the pages? They say "In honour of Zack". You can't say that's not cool.

.:Iím working on my roar!:.

Iím one of the guys.
And Iím a paper dragon! Have you ever seen a paper dragon before? Well, weíre quite rareÖ you see, a sorcerer has to create us. †I was created by this sorcerer called Foen- We still see each other sometimes, but he always bosses me around so muchÖ
Because Iím made from paper, Iím quite fragile, so you have to be careful!

.:Oh, I just canít wait to be king!:.

Despite being so small, I do actually have a rider! His name is Ciqala, and heís something called a homunculus. Why, heís even smaller than me! Thatís why I can carry him.
Weíre quite good friends, and stick together- when youíre this small, finding one another is hard!

.:Everybody look left:.

Iím very small, only about 50cm in length from tip to tail. That doesnít make me any less of a dragon though!
Actually, I think Iím probably the smallest dragon that youíll find on Dragonís Cove.
ĎCos Iím made from paper, being able to breathe fire wouldnít be such a hot idea. Well, it would be hot, very hot, but not in a good way. Thankfully I canít breathe fire though, so thatís that problem sorted!
I do have big wings for flight though! I love flying, itís the best way of getting around, not having back legs and all.

Strength: *
Defense: *
Speed: ***
Endurance: **
Agility: *****
Arcane: *

.:Everybody look right:.

UmÖ Canít you see what I look like? Zack is made from a dark cream paper, folded intricately to make up his body. He is slim and lithe, with a long whippy tail that he can curl around things to carry. He has two sets of wings, a little like a dragonfly, his paper bent at sharp angles so that it holds its shape properly. His legs are quite long and the paper left open at the ends, so they make sharp little claws that can give quite the paper cut! A few ends of paper are left open along his back, making a tiny ridge of spines, two longer ones pointing out from between his wings and following the arch of his back. He has two wide, very thin ears that can move and swivel in all directions. His paper is quite heavily patterned, where he's experimented with ink patterns- if you look closely, you might find a skull and crossbones, or a tiny dragon, or the moon and stars, depending on how Zack was feeling when he had ink around. Or, if he's visited Foen recently, he might not have any markings at all!

Kehehe, you want to know more about me? Despite his tiny size, Zack is definitely one for adventures- big or small! Heís a very curious dragon, poking his nose into any and everybodyís business on the hunt for an interesting titbit of information. This curiosity (along with his knack for bad timing) has often got him into trouble, his cuteness sometimes being the only thing that has rescued him! Heís not the most subtle of dragons, speaking his mind and showing his emotions freely to anyone around.


  • Flying
  • Books
  • Small adventures
  • Ciqala
  • Butterflies
  • Being fussed over
  • Kiwi fruit


  • FIRE
  • Water
  • Being bossed around
  • Big scary dragons
  • Being left out of things
  • Intolo- They donít get along very well
  • Rocks

.:Everywhere you look Iím standing in the spotlight:.

I love talking about my adventures! Zacky was created by a sorcerer named Foen, a man famed for his forward-thinking, and his lack of magic, despite the fabulous creations he made. He created Zack right first time, having studied vigorously everything he needed to learn before trying to create the little dragon. After making Zack, he seemed to lose his interest however, content with having the little dragon around.

Zack however, wasnít quite as content, and once he had had enough of the manís bossing, he left and went adventuring. He met Rilos when the spined shadow was quite a young dragon and the two roamed the land together, two oddballs content to have some fun and not care what others thought of them. The two split after a few years, but they meet up now and again.

He lived in the Everplains for a good time, eating butterflies. It was then he met Ciqala, finding his rider! The two headed into Racksom to see Foen, but got an added bonus, meeting Armeno and Static while they were recuperating from a dragon attack at Foenís. He and Ciqala had quite a few adventures together!

Zack continued exploring, meeting up with Siofra, Pyre and Sill-Vitas near the desert, and the three headed for Racksom, seeing Quinsilla burning in the distance. While Siofra headed into the city to fight, Sill and Zack stayed in the everplains, getting into trouble with a plant that seemed intent on corroding Zack into dustÖ
Find out what happens!: Link


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Zack:. -Small body, big heart! (Scroll) DfBVvKbWkAAppQw

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Zack:. -Small body, big heart! (Scroll)
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