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 A birthday treat- The SPRITE MUSEUM!

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PostSubject: A birthday treat- The SPRITE MUSEUM!   Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:47 pm

Sprite Museum!

Have you ever wondered what the dragons you see today used to look like? Well my friend, today is your lucky day! Welcome to The Sprite Muesum, where Iíve been digging up old sprites, new sprites and never-been-seen-before sprites!

So sit back and enjoy the nostalgia! Make sure you click the links- theyíre gold!

Letís start with the newest sprite: Only the Sunblaze! Quite a wealth for this one, including the original lineart:

We then had the sprite, which you should be familiar with:

Zay had some fun with photoshop sometime when she first made it:
Fiery photoshop!

And now we have this sexy new one:

The very first layout that DC had was:
The Blaze of Glory

Layout dragons in the past have included the green guardian:
Guardian dragon banner

And a layout image that was supposedly lost forever, the dream wisher!
Dream wisher dragon

Zayís also worked on other things, including:
Advertisement banner


But itís not only the layout of DC thatís changed over the years. Dragons have also had some major changes to their sprites. We shall start with the winter dragon:

Large winter

The lightning storm has had a few changes- we have a lineart:
And also it seems, two different colours!

Now of course, the lightning storm looks like this:

The scythe claw has been through quite a few changes- I bet newer members wonít recognise this first sprite by Zay!

Aero then made a couple of sprites for this breed, quoted by Zay to be ďthe better onesĒ:

This is a familiar scythe claws:

And now for their newest images;

What is now the Ebony Hunter was once the Infinus dragon:

Large lifeblood
To the new lifeblood:

The desert chaserís always had the same sort of design:
Large desert chaser

Ying Yang dragons were once:

And they are now;


Zay had some colouring fun with the sword dragon, making two different versions:

Red version
Now the sword dragon looks like this:


What is now the spine dragon was once the spine razor:

No matter what sprite the shade runner has had, theyíve always been lean and lovely:

Red Rock:
=> =>

Now called the Rams-Horn, was once just the ram:

Nyx first drew the lava dragon:

Aero had a go next:

And then we got this one!

Large magpie
From baby to adult => =>

For a long time, the lion-maned dragon was called the leosaur:
Large Leosaur

My favourite dragon, the lash!

Large pic
Rogue has the linked picture stuck on her wall Smile
Aero played around with some lash dragon colours, making this gorgeous image:

To the present:

Mmm, love. Enough of the lash fangirling! The horse dragonís gone through a couple of changes:


Some dragon breeds have dropped out of existence, for one reason or another. First up, the peppermint:
Peppermint large

The beautiful sand dragon:

The dangerous black blade dragon (bring her back I say!

Large image

The Horn dragon!

The ghost:

Ghost large


The oriental, one of Zayís first dragons:

Alaronís Moon dragon:

A few from Soya-sushi now, first up, the coral dragonÖ

The snake:

The tyrannosaurus:

And the nessie!

And Zayís griffa dragon!

Of course, we canít leave off Zayís first dragon, the Terrorwind!


And the ones youíve all been waiting for, sprites that have never been seen:

The Casper dragon:
The Casper Dragon

Griffin dragon, by Soya:

Tornado dragon, by Alaron:

The Cheetah dragon, by Nyx:

The palmtail!

Larger image

Wind dragon:
Large image

The exotic sea dragon:
Sea dragon

Well folks, thatís the end of the tour, but there still remains one thing- Thanks! Of course, this fabulous museum wouldnít be here at all without Zay, Aero, Nyx, Alaron and Sushiís sprites, so thanks go out to them! (Course, Alaron and Sushi arenít here any more, but I still acknowledge Razz)

More thanks to Zay, who raided her photobucket, and Aero, whose photobucket I raided myself! Very Happy Hope you enjoyed the show, and make some noise for the fabulous spriters next time you see them in the CB!


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PostSubject: Re: A birthday treat- The SPRITE MUSEUM!   Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:43 am

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A birthday treat- The SPRITE MUSEUM!
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