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 Alice - The Dangerous Porcelain Doll (Human)

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Alice - The Dangerous Porcelain Doll (Human) Empty
PostSubject: Alice - The Dangerous Porcelain Doll (Human)   Alice - The Dangerous Porcelain Doll (Human) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 20, 2011 12:51 pm

Name: Alice
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: December 25th, 3697
Type of Person: Human; Necromancer
Relation to any Dragons: None

Alice looks very fragile with her pale, almost completely white skin and her overly slender body. She did not have curves to speak of, only relatively broad hips that seemed bumpy rather than curvy. Long straight black hair frames not only her face but almost her entire upper body. She is rather tall, which only serves to enforce the idea of her being easily broken if touched in the wrong way or that a stronger gush of wind might simply knock her over. Yet, she is not quite as weak as her appearance might suggest, even though she would not be able to win a wrestling match against anything stronger than a butterfly. Her eyes are of a very light blue colour, almost seeming transparent. Her features were somewhat angular and gave her a cold, vicious appearance.

Quiet and relatively cold in nature, Alice is a bright and well educated, even if self-educated, girl and she could hold her own in arguments if she wouldn’t usually avoid them. She generally only says what is necessary, clear and straight to the point, if she deigns to give a reply at all. None of her family members have ever really taken care of her, reason why she is generally quiet and tends to keep to herself as much as possible. It is also the reason why she simply lets an argument wash over her as if it did not really concern her, distance being her best friend at all times. She is enough for herself and doesn’t need anyone else. Her private and mostly nocturnal ventures into the library are all that matter to her. With time, she has grown bitter and even more distant, learning to despise everyone, even those that try to be nice to her, living up to the expression her face usually portrayed. Anything that could be taken personal or even as insulting, will be taken that way by Alice, whether it was the intention or not. And Alice is not very forgiving, her life slowly being driven by revenge on everyone who helped made her the way she was.

Alice has always been curious about the darker secrets of humanity, those nobody was supposed to know about, the evil nobody was supposed to play with or even talk about. For many years, reason wrestled with curiosity and her fear about doing something illegal was keeping her from venturing into those dark secrets that managed to captivate her so much despite the fear they induced in her. However, her curiosity and the thrill produced by such dark knowledge, especially once she stopped caring about what everyone else might say since nobody cared about her anyway, were stronger than her good sense and she dared to venture into the closed off and abandoned corners of the library, hunting for knowledge, always keen on avoiding being seen by anyone. Thus, since the age of twelve, she regularly ventured into forbidden sections in the library to secretly read books no human was ever supposed to read.

A few books in particular always managed to attract her attention and she spent hour after hour contemplating them, reading every single page, every tiny little detail imprinting itself upon her mind. A great selection of these books was about necromancy, and it was so that she learned the trade’s secrets, the skill to converse with and call upon the spirits of the dead. The further into the back of the library she ventured, the more books she discovered until one day she stumbled across a door at the very back of the library, a door she had never realised had been there. Obviously, she had to take a look at what was behind it and stumbled into a quiet corner, which seemed to have been used as a reading room at the time.

Seeing that it was dark and very cold in the room, Alice did not for one second hesitate to ignite a small fire in the long abandoned fireplace, since nobody was bound to notice at this late hour, so far away from the more frequented parts of the library. Suddenly, a voice pierced the otherwise almost complete silence: “Put that damn fire out!” Scared to death, Alice swiveled around but could detect nobody in the room. There was no one here, yet, she had the distinct notion that she was not alone. Not only did the voice keep ranting at her, but there was a very powerful presence in this room which she had not noticed upon entering merely moments before.

The voice was coming from a glass case, and more particularly, a richly ornamented and very beautiful book that was locked inside this glass prison. Alice was afraid, but curious at the same time. She did not dare move closer however and thus simply sat in a corner staring at the book inside the glass case, feeling as though the book was staring back at her; a sensation that was doubly enforced by the fact that the crystal on its cover seemed to be a giant staring eye. Yet, she never dared open the cabinet, not even after she had come to this room to stare at the book for many days in a row, afraid of what might await her on the pages of this particularly mysterious book, which seemed to reek of evil and power but at the same time seemed so very alluring and colourful.

The book’s hold over Alice grew stronger with every day she came by and stared at it through its glassy prison, until one day, she couldn’t resist any longer as if the book was ordering her to tear away the top glass window and take the book out of the cabinet and then devour page after page, all the while holding it lovingly in her grasp. Ever since that day, Alice would not go anywhere without the book being with her, carried one way or another, whether concealed or plainly visible, but the book was always present.

N.B.: Alice is linked to Underlund, the dark book, and for the purpose of this connection working well, a certain amount of powerplay by EchoingScreams and myself will be unavoidable once in a while and will thus be allowed.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
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And miles to go before I sleep.
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Alice - The Dangerous Porcelain Doll (Human)
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