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 Hydra :: A Place In This World

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PostSubject: Hydra :: A Place In This World   Hydra :: A Place In This World Icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2011 3:41 am

Name: Hydra
Age: 16, born December 29th 2693
Gender: Female
Picture: N/A
Type Of Dragon: Ice Dragon :: Nomad
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: No

Snow stormsDestructive humans
Peace and quietBig cities
Description: Hydra's the kind of dragon most wouldn't mind running into on the road because she isn't one to cause trouble. She avoids trouble as much as she can because she can't outrun it and most of the time trouble is too big to stick around and fight with. When threatened she'll freeze anything she deems a threat, or at least try to do so. It's not a guaranteed flash-freeze every time. Most of the time she prefers to simply be left alone, she won't pick a side with anything if she doesn't have to.

Her somewhat reclusive nature aside, she's a wanderer and doesn't make a habit of staying in one place for too long. Somehow settling down and staying in one place for all eternity just doesn't appeal to her. Eventually she'll probably get tired of roaming and settle down somewhere, but for now you couldn't pay her to settle down. She enjoys temperate climates, and those that always stay cold, but she avoids swamps and deserts, swamps because she runs into lots of traps in them, like the bear trap that nearly crippled her. She hates deserts because they're just TOO hot, and the sand just gets everywhere and it itches something fierce trying to get it all off.

Make no mistake for being small Hydra will eat her weight in food every day if she so chooses, though most of what she ends up eating is frostbitten by the time her system gets to digesting. Anything she bites is almost assuredly going to get a case of frostbite and will likely require either professional healing or amputation. In the case of her prey it all pretty much turns icy one way or another so it doesn't matter. By most standards she's a wild dragon, she isn't up for being someone's pet like her precious Measle. She'll tolerate some humans but to hell with the rest of them. If a war were to break out she'd just hide away in the Ice Plains to avoid having to fight someone she cares for. She'll sit on the fence and not take sides unless someone hurts Measle, then all who oppose her shall be turned to ice.

Other: She has a soft spot for rabbits because they're small and fluffy and warm. She has memories of chasing and cuddling hares as a hatchling and she still can't stand to hunt them.

Size: Medium
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Hydra :: A Place In This World
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