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 Andyr || Giant Blond Warrior || (Human)

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PostSubject: Andyr || Giant Blond Warrior || (Human)   Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:22 am

Name: Andyr Hildr (called Ander by the entirety of the Surah population)

Age: 30

Birthdate: August 2nd

Gender: Male

Picture: Present and Accounted For

Type Of Person: Ardan Warrior

Andyr's people are called the Ardan. They live in dozens of warring tribes called Clans. He happens to be one of the warrior men of the Three Crows Clan. He fights for the cause he has sided with, and he throws his entire self into it, committing himself until the battle is over, and again and again until there are no more battles to be fought. His belief of a glorious death is during battle.

Relation To Any Dragons: Kvinna, called Queenie or Queena by the Surahnians, is his little lion-maned, and practically his child. She's spoiled, though disciplined when necessary.


Andyr is a man that you either love, or hate. For it is easy to love him, and easy to hate him.

Born to an Ardan tribe called the Three Crows Clan, and brought up on the Ice Plains, his life was all about becoming a Man. He learned to hunt and trap, to fight and kill and to womanize. For most of his childhood, he was considered a whelp, as his people don't have a word for 'boy'. Like every other whelp in his tribe, he did work with the women, which included gutting kills, skinning animals, cooking, weaving, gathering food, fishing and taking care of the animals.

When he was tall enough to be considered too big to be a whelp, he was allowed to be in the company of his father, a huntsman. As a Jakthund, or Hunting Hound, he was his father's tool. He was little more than an intelligent dog and was treated as such. He ate with the dogs, he slept with the dogs (and other Jakthundar) and he did everything his father told him to, for his father was a Man. This may have seemed a step down from being a whelp, but as a Jakthund, Andyr was named, and allowed to sit with his father and the men. He was personally taught by his father and spoken to with affection. Jakthundar were greater than whelps for they were useful and potential men.

When the time came for Andyr to become a Man, his chest was branded with the tribal symbol and he was abandoned in the wild with a knife and the furs on his back along with all the other Jakthundar to become men that season. The Jakthundar were released at the height of the Frost and were expected to survive until the thaw. They were not allowed to band together and they were not allowed to rejoin the tribe until the Thaw. It was expected that the Jakthundar find their tribe after the Thaw.

Andyr was one of five Jakthundar out of twenty to survive the Frost. When he tracked down his tribe, he was hailed as a Man and given his surname, Hildr. His brand, at the center of his chest, was inked into further clarity. Andyr's name means quite literally Warrior Sword. As is tradition, Andyr's surname is his father's name.

Andyr was fifteen when he was declared a Man.

As a Man of his tribe, Andyr only became more skilled in battle as time went on. As a hunter, he was not half bad, but Andyr was held in high esteem for his abilities on the battlefield. He had his pick of the women, and treated them well, despite his belief that they were lesser. As for whelps, Andyr may have two or three running around, but as he had not paid a father for his daughter, those whelps would be given unto whomever decides to have them as Jakthundar.

Andyr's warrior spirit made him unable to see life as a Man in his tribe as his place in life. He was given a proper celebration before he left his tribe to journey into the Southlands, also known as the rest of Dragon's Cove.

It was then that he was familiarized with the apparent war. Feeling like his calling had jumped out at him, he hastened to reach the first major city, to pledge his aid. It was at Didienne that he learned of the specifics of the war. There were three factions, and from what he heard about all three, only one was worthy of his aid... the Surahnian Rebels.

As part of the SR, Andyr is pretty well known, and how can he not be? As swordmaster, and resident Giant Blond, he is easily found in the mess halls eating, drinking and being generally the loudest and most boisterous man there. His jokes are sometimes dirty, but often he is telling some sort of foolishness that will have the men roaring. He treats men with as much respect as he thinks they deserve and nothing less. As it stands, he admires Zartear for his success concerning his ambitions and his ruthlessness on the battlefield.

He has an interest in Dekhovra, considered a shining example of Surahnian womanhood. Andyr believes that women are fundamentally different from men and must comport themselves according to their rules. As such, he often doesn't consider a woman's advice on something he knows about. He also does not agree with a Man telling a Woman how to do what she knows about. Generally this is what sets him apart from Surahs, as he has more consideration for the freedoms of a woman.

Though Surahnian and Common were not his native languages, he learned to read and write in both rather quickly.

He is not easily angered, but when he does lose his temper, he flies into a rage. He is not above hitting a woman, as he believes women are to obey. However, he will never strike a woman like a man. Nor would he ever strike a child, as to him, they are to be ignored until they are big enough to be useful.

He tends to ignore that which he does not agree with, if debating has not cowed someone into believing what he believes. This way, Andyr gets to have a sort of peace of mind.


Andyr is tall, standing at about six feet and five inches. He's about three hundred pounds of muscle. His light blonde hair is thick and long and stylized (using braids) into a horse's mane. He has light gray eyes that droop slightly and are ringed by thick blond lashes. His brows are blond too, and shadow his eyes. His nose is long, straight and narrow, his lips thin but his mouth wide. He has an angled jaw, and a square chin, prominent cheekbones and defined cheeks. He ritualistically shaves his beard, adhering to a tribal custom he has yet to get rid of. He can be normally seen shirtless, but, for the sake of propiety, will wear a shirt that allows for movement and breathability (preferably a shirt without sleeves). As a big man, he gets hot easily and sweats rivers. Often his shirt will be open enough that one can see his brand/tattoo on the middle of his chest. He has adopted wearing laced up pants, instead of a fur kilt, and hard leather boots, instead of boots made from animal parts. He wears silver bands around his biceps and thick leather vambraces on his wrists.


He believes in a set of warrior gods, chief among them, Wodan, the One-Eyed Father. Wodan is said to be wise, brilliant in combat and rules his family with an iron fist. He often prays to Wodan before battle and toasts to Wodan after battle. He has Wodan's symbol tattooed on the underside of each of his wrists. He isn't fanatically religious, but he will never be swayed to believe in any other set of Gods. To forsake his beliefs would be like stripping himself of his Manhood, something he cannot contemplate.

However, he will not dishonor another Man or Woman's Gods. That would be disrespectful, and Andyr is sensitive to other people's religious beliefs.

Among the SR, he is the Sword Master.


Andyr by Nenners on Grooveshark
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Andyr || Giant Blond Warrior || (Human)
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