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 Yo Ho Yo Ho] Tricky, Tegan, and Tourin [A Pirate's Life for Me

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PostSubject: Re: Yo Ho Yo Ho] Tricky, Tegan, and Tourin [A Pirate's Life for Me   Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:47 pm

Thankfully before Lavvi had set the plank on fire there were only a few men on the other ship. Nicolett had a feeling she was going to need to carry them back to her ship. Lavvi tended to be a little careless when it came to storming ships, oh well. Nicolett flew up to the mast and torn it down, the huge wooden beam falling to the deck below and smashing through the deck, still on fire from lavvi. She smirked as she tore through the sails and picked up men on the deck below, those that were not her's, who were trying to harm her men, and tossing them into the water and throwing them to there death on the deck as there bodies smashed into the deck. Blood covered the other ships deck and fire did as well. It was time to let Lavvi work. "Amaracuine!" Nicolett called as she dove to the deck below.

The captain grabbed the back of one of her men and tossed him to the other ship. "Round up!" she yelled to her men who rushed towards her. Amaracuine caught the other man and he went to join the cannon fire-ers once his feet hit the ground again. Nicolett did this with the other men then dove closer to Lavvi. "Light it up!" she called happily. "Let the cap'n o' dis ship burn alive with it!" Nicolett stayed around Lavvi, the fire demon might be needing a lift back to the Flamin' Seas after her work. However, Nicolett was cautious of the flames around her feathered wings.
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PostSubject: Re: Yo Ho Yo Ho] Tricky, Tegan, and Tourin [A Pirate's Life for Me   Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:43 am

Lavvi gave a salute with two fingers, smiling wide. "Aye aye, Cap'n."
The flames expanded around her until she could feel the entire shape of the ship beneath her. She felt the insides of the captain's quarters, sleeping quarters, and the empty cargo hold. She felt where the captain of the ship was - on the upper deck - and let the flames circle around him, not quite close enough to burn him. She planned on letting him have a bit of fun.
Her very being became less solid. Her feet floated above the scorched deck on waves of heat and smoke. The flames crackled. With one loud pop, she allowed herself to be launched like a spark out over the sea. The plume of smoke saw her safely to the deck of Nicolett's ship and within moments, there was nothing left of the trading vessel.
Lavvi found her human form to have returned completely before she'd accidentally ruined the floorboards of the pirate ship. She inhaled deeply, breathing in what was left of the black smoke. "So what loot have we and how much rum will I be allowed tonight?"
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Yo Ho Yo Ho] Tricky, Tegan, and Tourin [A Pirate's Life for Me
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