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PostSubject: Dragon's Cove Bestiary   Dragon's Cove Bestiary Icon_minitimeSat Aug 25, 2012 10:02 pm


In this thread is a constantly-growing list of animals specific to DC. Additions can be made by anyone at any time, just ask for permission. Know that this is only for DC specific animals, so no normal animals (I.E. wolves, cats, etc.). Also, a creature doesn't need to be on this list to be made or exist; it's just so that other members can see some possibilities.


This group is for the many off mammal species, so entries here will normally have fur, and will birth live young.

Found in the volcanic regions of DC, Duobos are supposedly descendants of the legendary Cerberus; However, they have one head less than that mythical beast, and their power over fire is much weaker than his. They are large and lean, similar in appearance to Dobermans, however their characteristic pointed ears are natural, and they are ferocious to a fault. Under rare circumstances, a Duobus can be tamed and trained to be the perfect watchdog, as they are never completely asleep at one time, and with training can channel their fire magic almost as well as a mage.

This group is for all cold-blooded creatures on the forum (excluding our wonderful dragons).

Charkaros Lizards
The only species native to the barren Charkaros Island, Charkaros lizards are a rare species of lizard who feed by absorbing minerals from the stones on Charkaros. They have a body about the size of a medium-sized dog and a tail twice as long, with large foreclaws hard as iron that they use to tunnel at surprising speeds. Their hides, which are extremely tough thanks to their lifestyle, are varying shades of gray and black, with white variants being rare. Charkaros Lizards can be tamed and brought to the mainland, where they can be used as excellent magic hounds; the absence of magic in their habitat makes them extremely attuned to magical auras, and can be trained to search out and find sources of large magical entities.

Sand Crawlers
large lizards which roam the deserts of DC, Sand Crawlers live in tight-knit groups consisting of anywhere from two to ten individuals. Two and a half times longer than a horse, but only half as tall, these lizards come in colors ranging from dull green to an almost pastel yellow, the males also equipped with large neck frills that, when extended, show off elaborate red patterns. They feed by catching smaller desert creatures, as they can easily outrun most animals. When startled, these animals will rear up onto their hind legs for greater speed and to intimidate any agressors. They are well known to come up to travelers for food, going so far as to work alongside them for the chance of a meal. Though quick to run, they are inquisitive by nature, and are drawn to fires at night (useful knowledge, should you need quick transportation in the desert). Though not tame, they are friendly, and businesses have been made of befriending groups for sale to caravans.

This group is for all of our winged friends. Know that all avians do not necessarily have to be able to fly.

This group is for the smallest group, fish creatures. Though there may be few exceptions, most piscine will be strict water dwellers.



This group is for domesticated animals, such as mounts and livestock.

Native to the desert, Goldos are a breed of large sheep-like creatures, covered in long, matted fur. They are perfectly adapted to surviving in the desert, their long fur protecting them from the heat, with special organs inside their bodies whose sole purpose is to store water. Through extensive breeding, Goldos have become larger than their wild brethren, and docile enough to be used widely as pack animals. They seem to have a strong sense of danger, as they are often the first to react to attacks, though this is offset by their incredible slowness. Besides being used for transport, Goldo fur is a widely-used material in clothing and rugs, as it is an easy and replenishable resource.

This group is for animals that are often kept as pets

Pygmy Griffins
Very much unlike their larger variants, Pygmy Griffins range in size from a small to regular-sized cat. Styles and colors vary greatly between individuals, and the young can be any colour regardless of lineage. Their small size renders them flightless, though they find it very easy to travel by being held. No one is very sure where they originated, though stories of secret griffin breeding have been circulating for a few years. Nontheless, this is a happy and friendly breed, often found as pets of well-to-do families.

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