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 Surahnian Rebels

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PostSubject: Surahnian Rebels   Surahnian Rebels Icon_minitimeSat May 31, 2014 7:19 pm

Surahnian Rebels



Surahnian Rebels
The Surahnian Rebels are a proud race. They have a good reason to be; they have a rich and long standing history marked by countless triumphs over their rival nations, their people are famous for their deep loyalty and solid tradition of dedication, work and fortitude in all their undertakings. It could also be said that, as a whole, their leaders have been the most practical and efficient of people with an admirable devotion to their nation and the crown.

But is it their loyalty to their own kind that holds them together now, as they search for a new homeland on Dragons' Cove in wake of the destruction of their own, or is it desperation to grasp at a glory that died along with their legacy in Old Surahnia?
New Surahnians would never tell you such a thing, and indeed, they have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into subduing the new island under the questionable rule of the self-made King "Lord Zartear Straten" and his cohort of Officials. Loyalty to the King and the cause is all a Surahnian needs to live a good life, but perhaps this is an old doctrine that will die with the naive Surahnians in this new land.

Their standing:
+ Extremely effective governance
+ Belligerent approach
+ Very loyal people
+ Hindered by tradition and idealism
+ Fast acting and decisive
Surahnian Rebels SRIMG
Daily Life

For a typical Surahnian, life does not allow them to linger and smell the flowers. It might be a simple life they lead, but it is always marked by an ongoing toil and a thorough expectancy for everyone to pull their weight to earn their place. Fortunately, the work pays off; a truly homeless, abandoned or "forgotten" Surahnian is considerably more of a rarity when compared to other societies. Entire systems are built around collection and sustenance of unwanted children, people and scorned folk. Their treatment may not be ideal, but eventually, bodies are always useful in a Surahnian Warlord's arsenal or when being applied to further necessary work.

Surahnians are guaranteed a great deal of security and solidarity from their ruling Lords in return for their labour. "Complaining" is something that only the ungrateful and truly useless do.
What "life" is exactly for a Surahnian is hard to say, but whatever that person does in their work, their life will be defined by in one way or another. (It is, after all, the main determinant in both women and mens' social standing.)


Education generally means "becoming practical" to these people. All learning is through the teaching of skills directly to those that will need to use them, and never done purely for leisure by the vast majority of people. This teaching is most often from parents to children and is regarded as one of the honorable duties of a true Surahnian.
Girls are typically be trained in family economics and in the main work of the family (if possible) and the boys from an early age are encouraged to develop their physical prowess in addition to the family work. It is paramount that all men pay their dues in the Surahnian Military eventually. For women this is less so a requirement, but always looked upon favourably when achieved.





Surahnian Rebels SOCIMGSocial Organisation




Foreign Relations



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Surahnian Rebels
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