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 Faust, black flame ever burning

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PostSubject: Faust, black flame ever burning   Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:35 pm

Name: Faust
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 13th Aug.
Gender: male
Race: Phoenix
Profession: fighter, scholar
Faction: Mercenary
Bird form:
(line art was drawn by neondragon. permission was given to color it)
Human form:

Relation To Any Dragons: None at time
Appearance: In his natural form Faust’s feathers are black with a blue and purple iridescent sheen to it. His eyes shine like burnt gold. Many see him and either are in awe or in fear. About the size of a small dragon, just a little smaller. As a man his hair mirrors his feather coloring with the black and iridescent blue and purple. His skin tone is slightly tan from being outside, even with his hat on. He is about 5 feet 10 inches and 155 pounds. He is built is athletic if ever seen without his coat and shirt off.
Personality: He tends to be either a bit show-offy or reserved depending on those who are around him. Sarcasm tends to be his go to emotion most of the time. Once a person gets to know him he is somewhat insecure, he lets his past affect him too much. That is if anyone can get past the walls he built up over the years.
Abilities/Powers: Above average speed and strength but cannot be sustained over long periods of time while in human form. He has some control over fire but is better when in natural form then the human form. Can fly very high in altitude but as the air thins his strength dwindles. If he chooses he can self-combust but can only be done once and he will not be reborn afterwards. Unlike others of his kind he is able to control shadows, if there is too much light he won’t be able to do it. Immortality is a gift to those who are worthy of it, in his eyes. Could carry a small child on his back while in bird form.

Faust knew he shouldn’t be there but he couldn’t help himself. She was the most beautiful of all of their people he just had to see her.  Just for a little bit no one will see me.  He moved slowly through the shadows as the splashing of water increased. It was like a tantalizing song to him as he moves amongst the trees. He pauses as he hears a chorus of giggling and laughter.  Just a little bit closer.
Hiding behind some bushes Faust sees them a group of red haired girls play and swim in the lake. Settling down he watches them, he knew he shouldn’t be there but he couldn’t resists watching Nemonia. With a sigh he watches the lithe, ethereal beauty swim with all the other females. He could pick her out of any crowd. He could see her long scarlet hair that lay down her back nearly to her waist, her green eyes flashing with joy and laughter.
“What are you doing here freak!”
Harsh words joined with an even harsher grip as Faust his dragged out from his hiding place. The hand that has a firm hold on his long hair was far from gentle. Pulled out into the open he is quickly surrounded by a group of males. Faust lets out a low groan at the smiling face of Kaintal, who was looking down at him. The younger male had always shown his anger and hatred for Faust.  He was also Nemonia’s brother. Kaintal mirrored his sister in many ways, except his eyes were full of hatred and he was stronger in build.
“Nothing? Looking like you watching the females you perverted freak.”
“I am not.”
Faust tries to get his feet under himself in order to ease some of the pain in his scalp. As he was doing that Kaintal lets go of Faust’s hair only to punch him in the face. His cheek burned and stung from the contact and he could taste the blood in him mouth. Running his tongue over his teeth he makes sure each are still there and none where lose. Spitting some of the blood onto the grass Faust slowly rises. The others circle around them closing both in.  Faust watches Kaintal square off his larger and more muscled body. The same body he had seen many a female fawn over.  Unlike Faust who was built like, well the total opposite. Where Kaintal was muscled, Faust was toned and every female stayed away from him. With a sigh Faust stands and squares off against the larger male. He knew at some point it would come down to them fighting he just hoped that it just wasn’t this soon.
Using his sleeve Faust wipes the blood from his mouth as he watches Kaintal for the telling move that would want him of when the other male was ready.  No one would know or ever thought of how Faust was an accomplished fighter. Many who would not acknowledge him out in public had trained him. With a growl Kaintal charges Faust who steps out of the way. With each charge Faust danced out of the way of Kaintal’s attempts. As Kaintal passed, Faust would his the larger males body with jabs to the sides. With each impact the male became more angered.  Which meant more mistakes, Faust tried not to get over confident in his defense as me moves around.  Because if he did he knew he would make his own mistakes and they would be more painful for him then they would be for Kaintal.
The rage was building in the other male and all could tell when after Kaintal picked himself off of the ground for the final time. The large males eyes where glowing with fire. Unknown to the two combatants, many of the adults and the Elder stopped to watch them.  Faust took a step back to ready himself for what would be coming next. It was then that the Elder of the clan stepped in and looked at both of them. Faust hung his head in shame unlike Kaintal who stood proudly and with challenge in his eyes.
“I caught him watching the females from behind some bushes.”
“Faust is this true.”
If Faust’s head could hang any lower he it would be on the ground.
“Yes Sir.”
He could sense the disappointment in the Elder’s eyes as he dismisses all from the area with a wave of his hand.
“Faust, come with me.”
“Yes Sir.”
Walking behind the Elder like a dog with its tail between its legs. They walked in silence for a while along the green lanes, past homes tucked under the sheltering branches of the ancient trees. The very trees their ancestors planted when they first had come to the island. The ones they now protected from the invasion of humans who sailed to the island. The island had been peaceful even with the various kinds of dragons roaming through it.
Following the Elder, they stop on a small rise that overlooks the village square. The birds chirped as they flitted through the air. Wind caressed the tree tops in a gentle breeze.  Many of the village was hidden under the larger trees but a few adventurous families built their homes out in the open. It was so peaceful up there on the rise he wondered if the Elder had chosen that place for a reason.
“Faust, I am disappointed in you. I would have thought you would try to stay away from all the others.”
Faust slowly lowers himself to kneel on the ground beside the Elder. His arms rested on his knee like a knight before his king. His head hung low to show as much submission as he could.
“I have tried Elder, but so many wish me harm.”
Ever since the day he was born where so many after him. He was not meant to be born at least that is what he has been told for so many centuries. You’re an abomination… A freak of nature…I should have killed you before you- His own parents tried to kill him. But before that could happen, the Elder had stepped in and rescued him from them. The old man, nods his head as he continues to look out over the village. The breeze tugging at flame colored robe the Elder wore.
Faust didn’t know what would be in store for him and fear clenched down on his heart as he waits for whatever punishment the old one would give to him. He was not expecting the Elder to place his hand on his shoulder. Slowly he lifts his eyes to the old man who was more a father to him then his own.  The fear loosened its icy grip around his heart as he slowly rose to be eye level with the old one.
“I know that you where there watching Nemonia, Faust. You need to be more careful around the others they don’t know how important you really are to the clans.”
The only reason Faust knew was because the Elder was the one who keep and studied many of the old tomes. Faust was taught to read by those very books and he assumed one day he would take over the role of the Lore Keeper. But then they found a rare ancient tome a few centuries back that talked of their race and the clans. They knew the history of all the races of all sorts of beings on the island but when it came to their own. Many who held high positions tried to keep many in the dark.  One of those where Nemonia and Kaintal’s father, Sareian. Just thinking of the male made him grind his morals. How such a beautiful female ever came from that male was beyond him.
“Faust did you hear me?”
“No sorry Elder my mind had wandered.”
“I’m sure it did.”
A rare smile graces the Elder’s time worn face. Only a few have ever seen the Elder smile and Faust was one of them.
“Come my son lets go to the library, I have something you need to see.”
“Yes Sir.”
Walking back through the town a trail of hushed and not so hushed whispers follows in their wake as they go. Faust even spots Nemonia who give him a shy hidden smile as he passes. He gives a crooked one back only to see Kaintal and Sareian glaring at him. Averting his eyes he continues walking through town to the place he called home.
Stepping through the familiar door way, the smell of ink and musty old parchment waft around him. He follows the Elder down into the crypt where the oldest and most treasured of the tomes are kept well preserves on dry cool shelves. Standing at the base of the steps Faust watches the Elder mumble over the spines of the books until with a grunt pulls a large worn leather-bound book out and sets it on the table.
“Come here boy and read this to me.”
Walking over he looks down at where the Elder is pointing to.
“…They are meant to rule not only the skies but the people as well. The Black Phoenix’s blood line may not always produce black phoenixes but when the time is right the black flamed offspring will be born. If an offspring is of the black line they will inherit the clans and the throne…”
Faust looks at the Elder with confusion.
“Yes boy you are supposed to be treated a lot better then you are now but those in power are to consumed with power and greed to step down. You were born to rule boy and they know it. And sadly, unless you challenge them you will never be able to claim your inheritance.”
“What if I don’t want it?”
“Sometimes fate will choose for you boy whether you want it or not”
Faust nods. He didn’t know how to digest the information he was given. How could he the one no one wanted be expected to rule over clans who would rather keep him hidden or dead? Quietly he turns and heads back upstairs. With determined steps, he leaves the house and heads for the woods that surround the village. What Faust didn’t know was that he had been seen leaving and was being followed. Once within the tree line Faust pace picks up until he is in a full out sprint through the woods. Tree branches slap at his face as he runs his feet still soft and quiet as he runs.
An hour later he found himself sitting back on the rise overlooking the village. Sitting there as the sun washed the woods in crimson and gold, he wrapped his arm around his legs. The wind had picked up since earlier that day and it was now tussling, his long black hair.
He heard movement behind him; the sound was soft like the rustling of grass in a faint breeze. So also, was the voice that went with it those foot falls.
“I thought I would find you here.”
“You should go I’m sure your brother won’t let me see the next sun rise if he finds us here together.”
“I’m sure he wouldn’t nor do I think my father would.”
Snort in agreement, he looks over at Nemonia.
“Why is it always in secret we can be together?”
“Cause both my father and my brother hate you though I think for different reasons.”
She sits down next to him the gauzy fabric of her robes pool around her.Faust could feel the warm length of her body as she leans against him. Sighing at the familiar weigh of her beside him he wished it could always be this way. They sat there in the light of the setting sun as the song of the day turns to the song of the night. Faust closes his eyes and wraps his arm around Nemonia’s shoulders. She sighs into his arm like she had so many times since the beginning.
They had been kids both running away from a future they didn’t want, but was forced to have. He to be without a family, her to marry the heir to the throne if one was ever found. So, she had been groomed since childhood for a throne that still stood abandoned, and he a fate to be cast aside and bullied. Until now, thanks to the Elder he could claim his right and have her by his side forever. But would anyone let them live in peace and except that he was their leader.
Nemonia sat there running her fingers along his knuckles as they sat together.
He turns and looks at her, her green eyes reflecting an emerald fire from the moon light. He could see the worry in her eyes. With a soft smile, he traces his knuckles down her soft fleshed cheek.
“What worries you Nia?”
“My father and brother they both worry me.”
“How so?”
“They plot, I see them whispering deep into the night. I am afraid, Faust.”
Pulling her closer he holds her tight in his arms.
“Do not worry Nia all will be alright. You know how they like to take their spirits deep into the night as well.”
“Yes, I know but…” She shakes her head to banish the thought from her mind and hope it was the night air that raises her flesh in bumps. Rubbing her hands up and down her arms she sighs.
“I should go Faust.”
With a nod, he rises and helps her up. He waits for her to dust herself of the grass. Taking her hand in his he brushes his lips against her knuckles.
“I wish I could walk you to your door.”
“I know I wish you could too.” Rising up on tip toes Nemonia kisses Faust. It was a flutter of a touch as her lips brushed his. “We both know that you can’t.”  With a final kiss, he lets her go her hands slowly sliding out of his. Once she reached the wood line and disappears from sight Faust waits a few moments before following her. He will make sure she makes it home safely before he returns home himself. Ghosting from tree to tree he was her living shadow. He only pauses from time to time just in case she hears him or spots him.
A few moments later from leaving the rise he watches her enter her home. He stayed there until the light in her room went off. With the town wrapped in diaphanous mist to hold them all in peaceful slumber he moves through the night. The mist curls around his ankles and legs as if to pull him into its embrace, to pull him into the sleep just like everyone else.
He too slips into his own home the candles burning in the crypt gave him the clue the Elder was there. Shaking his head, he walks down the stone steps, the invisible wall of the smells washes over him as he walks towards the massive table. The smells triggering happy memories and calms his spirit.
Faust looked at the sleeping form of the Elder sitting in his large chair by the table.  A soft smile forms on his lips as he felt a sudden warmth in his heart that he only felt for one other. He didn’t know what it was but he knew it had to be good because the only time he felt it was with Nemonia.  Walking softly, he goes for one of the few blankets kept down there for just an occasion. Unfolding it he lays it over the old ones’ softy snoring body.
“Sleep well Elder, I will see you in the morning.”
Faust places his hand on the Elder’s shoulder in a form of an embrace or as close as he could. Blowing out most of the candles he heads up to his own room. He slept soundly though the night, his dreams invaded only sweetly by Nemonia.
The morning sun came with no fanfare or promise of a new beginning.  Yet he found himself in the kitchen long before the Elder stirred from the crypt.  When not with Nemonia, he sometimes found the most peace in the kitchen. He liked how he was in control of everything in there.
Before he heard the soft shuffle of the Elder’s feet the kettle was whistling and he just finished cooking up some eggs. Setting the table as the wooden chair scrapes across the floor and the Elder sits down.
“Good morning Elder.”
The old one groans which only makes Faust smile. He knew the Elder wasn’t himself until he had drunk some tea.
“No trouble, today right?”
“Yes Sir.”
They ate together and while Faust was cleaning up the Elder went below to bend his old body over more texts. In the silence of the kitchen Faust began to hum a nameless tune while cleaning up. Out the window he caught a bit of movement out of the corner of his eye while scrubbing at some stubborn eggs. Setting the pan and brush down he leans closer to the window to see if he spots it again. It was then he heard the soft rapping at the back door.  Going slowly, he opens the back door and finds Nemonia there.
“What are you doing here,” Faust asks in fear and shock. He couldn’t believe his eyes that she was there. Quickly he ushers her in and scanning the area around the back yard to make sure she wasn’t followed. Closing the door, he turns and looks at her making sure she was ok.
“You have to go Faust they are coming for you.”
He could see the fear in her face.
“I got home last night and they asked me where I was and I had to tell them.”
Nemonia hung her head in shame.  Lifting her chin so he could see her eyes that where red and puffy from crying.
“I raced over here as fast as I could. I needed to warn you I am so sorry Faust.”
Kissing her, he tries to keep her from apologizing more he could hear them coming and it was not just her father and brother but a large group.
“I swear to you Nemonia someday we will be together again.”
She nods with the crystalline tears running down her cheeks.
He kisses them away, with the saltiness of her tears still on his lips he kisses her. Not the tender kiss he always gave her but with one that would sear her to the soul. Burning his love for her into her heart where no one and could reach or destroy. And to burn this moment into his memories.
“I will find a way back to you Nemonia.”
Looking over his shoulder as someone pounds on the back door; he could hear shouting as well. Nemonia pushes at him as she says, “You need to go before they circle you in.”
He kisses her one last time and bolts out the front door. Before he took a few steps, his body was consumed in a black flame. A large black feathered phoenix wingings away from the only home he ever knew and the only two people he ever loved. He fought the tears in his eyes as he flew into a world he didn’t know and a future that was clouded from him.
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Faust, black flame ever burning
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