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 Khonsu daughter of the shifting sands.

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Khonsu daughter of the shifting sands. Empty
PostSubject: Khonsu daughter of the shifting sands.   Khonsu daughter of the shifting sands. Icon_minitimeThu Jul 27, 2017 2:01 am

Name: Khonsu Nut Sokar
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 24th Sept.
Gender: Female
Race: Were-Jackal
Profession: Spy/Assassin/Mercenary/Rider/Dancer
Faction: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap…. Whoever has the coin. She has the blade.
Picture: Khonsu daughter of the shifting sands. Anubislord    werejackal form
Khonsu daughter of the shifting sands. Nene%20thomas_dragon%20witch%207%20-%20guardian Human form

Relation To Any Dragons: None at time
Appearance: In humans form she is a long dark haired beauty, with storm grey eyes and a come hither smile. 5 foot 8 inches tall with a dancers body, lean, lithe but strong. Senses better than humans and in strength but she tries to not let others know. In her were-jackal for she has shiny black fur her eyes tinted gold. Her body grows to 6 foot 8 inches because of her foot structure while in this form- walking on balls of foot like other canines.
Personality: She has the capability of love for others but she doesn’t want to be hurt. Her past haunts her, as does the hurt of her father not excepting her. Many will see her hold onto a silver necklace with the cartouche of Anubis’ name.  She hates, HATES, being cold. She feels her best in a hot arid climate but if she must be somewhere cold. Well she is not pleasant to be around.
Abilities/Powers: She is able to control sand, but not anything else. The earth will not answer her summons. She can sense where water is. She is knowledgeable to all things dessert, but she is slowly learning about all the other terrains. The undead come where she summons them, though older the dead unless well preserved there isn’t much to them. She is still learning some of her powers. When she gets the spell right she can put a person into a death like sleep. The down side she doesn’t do it right they actually are dead. She can communicate and see ghost and all manner of spirits. Shadows and creatures that live in them protect her. She can travel within the shadows as long as there dark enough. To much light and she cannot use them.
The golden disk of the sun god slowly sets beyond the western horizon.
The sand still baking from the heat of the day. Yet within the palace compound a child and her loyal companion play in the gardens. Happy squeals and playful yips as they chase each other within the palm trees. The heat of the day does not touch their cool flower perfumed paradise.
“Khonsu! We must go child! Your father will be angry if we are late again,” her maid yells as a long dark haired little girl runs up. A pharaoh dog puppy right beside her, his chest heaving from the running around. With a giggle the child tries to wipe the dirt off her dress. Sighing the maid holds out her hand and shakes her head. Smiling she says, “Some days there is no hope for you.” The puppy yips in agreement and dances around their feet.
A little while later, Khonsu is cleaned up and sitting beside the queen at the banquet. She didn’t understand the reason for the banquet but as a kid did it really matter? Giggling as she bounced around in her chair watching the dancers and other entertainers. Anup yawns as he lays beside her, the days fun in the gardens have tired him out.
The night seemed to speed by and before she knew it Khonsu was being carried to her room by her father. Her mother carries Anup. The pharaoh lays her in her bed a soft cool breeze coming off the river. Once in her bed she wakes and smiles at him. “Oh no my little one back to sleep,” he says as he sits beside her. The queen steps away only to come back with a small harp. “I think our little princess would like me to play?”

Khonsu nods as she stretches. The soft sound of the harp float around the room.

Shifting sands.
Bandit bands.
Light drifts away.
Pleasant dreams.
Desert kings.
Broken things.
What dreams may come.

With a smile he tucks her in, just as Anup gets up on the bed and gives him a lick. The pharaoh shakes his head with a smile. “Sleep well you two. We love you.” The queen blows Khonsu a kiss as they leave the room.
Sometime later Khonsu is woken to shouting and the clang of swords. The air tinted with the smell of fire. Anup whines and tucks himself closer to her. A man enters her room, a cloak covering him. “We must go my child.” Khonsu was scared but not of the stranger who collects her in his arms. Anup yips and jumps. “You as well,” he says as he lowers enough for the pup to jump into Khonsu’s lap. Before she knew it the shadows swallowed them and brings them to safety. A place where time moves differently. The stranger sets her down on the floor of a black marble palace. Taking off the cloak he looks at her. Long dark hair with hints of blue and purple. Golden brown eyes take in everything she does.
“You do not know who I am?”
Khonsu shakes her head.
“I am your father.”
Khonsu’s lip starts to tremble as she begins to cry.
He wraps her in his arms and holds her.

Other: A pharaoh dog named Anup Khonsu daughter of the shifting sands. Pharaoh_hound follows her around. He is usually seen wear in a large gold and jeweled collar, that looks like one a pharaoh would wear.

(all pictures are copywrite to their owners)
“You will learn in time.”
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Khonsu daughter of the shifting sands.
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