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 Khonsu-----A dream across the shifting sands. (Werejackal)

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Khonsu-----A dream across the shifting sands. (Werejackal) Empty
PostSubject: Khonsu-----A dream across the shifting sands. (Werejackal)   Khonsu-----A dream across the shifting sands. (Werejackal) Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 1:20 pm

Name: Khonsu Nut Sokar
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Khonsu-----A dream across the shifting sands. (Werejackal) Shaiya_dark Human form
Khonsu-----A dream across the shifting sands. (Werejackal) Pbucket werejackle form
wears: Khonsu-----A dream across the shifting sands. (Werejackal) 0b93_1_sbol_5403_1
Type Of Person: Rider
Relation To Any Dragons: Uyona, Ram Dragon
Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes people who make fun of her tatoos. Likes everyone until they giver her a reason not to like them.
Description: Long straight black hair that seems to have a dark blue and purple undertones that is to knees. Pale skin and pale blue eyes. Has tatoos of black wings on her back and a harp on her wrist.
Other: When not doing anything she is usually found playing a lap harp and singing.
Background: She was once happy and carefree. That was until her home was attacked and the one she had pleaged her heart to left for battle. Days turn to weeks. Weeks to months. Months to years, before the trickle of warriors return. She waits standing at a window looking at the warriors return. Yet she did not see him. Single tear rolls down cheek. She knew then what her fears have been telling her for a long time. Closeing herself off she would not eat or see people. Months pass. One night sitting in a garden lap harp laying unused. She realized that she was not living for her loves memories. She vowed then and there she would live each day like it was her last. Picking up the harp she begins to play. Her voice scratchy at first for during her time of morning she would not speak. Voice clearing she walks through the garden singing and doesn't stop. Now she travels seeing the world she had hoped to see with him. A few years later Anup a black jackal pup that she had left at home had found her and has never left her side. She had also found out that the place she had called home had been attacked again and given up to the shifting sands of the dessert.

She traveled far and wide and every night she had the same dream. Each time a little clearer each time.

You are my daughter and I had sent you to live with humans to better understand them. I leave you with your birthright, use it well. Be well my daughter.

Finally she understood who her father was and why she could do the things she did. She would use her new found gifts well.

When the SR turned their eyes on the island, she found drawn to them and their cause.

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Khonsu-----A dream across the shifting sands. (Werejackal)
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