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PostSubject: WHO IS THE ARCH MAGE   WHO IS THE ARCH MAGE Icon_minitimeMon Apr 29, 2019 10:28 am

This thread is temporary and not to be taken as official lore! But, if we're RPing in the era when the stones were made, we need to work out who or what exactly made them.... hence the mystery of WHO IS THE ARCH MAGE must be unravelled! There's no reason why the accepted history of modern DC should be accurate; basically we just need to answer 1. how did the stones come to be and 2. why do the guardians now talk about the concept of an Arch Mage, what do they mean by that

Here are a few brainstorms we had, but there are probably lots of other options we didn't even consider! the world is our oyster!

• AM is a single real human from DC, strong leader who unified island and made everyone submit to stone law, dressed up in history as making an unlivable island liveable
• AM is a concept, from a philosophy centred around stones, which gained popularity; AM is originally more of a symbol and there really is no real person they could be said to be, but becomes mythological and eventually “factual” person
• AM is a single real human or group of leaders from outside DC who arrived and effectively invaded the island, imposed stones on it to use it themselves- begs the question of to what extent they replaced DC natives as main human population?
• AM is a group of 5 master magicians who each created a stone, potentially could have gone on to be founders of noble houses. Could be from priesthood, originating from each of basic magic temples: reclaim island for humans not dragons, either rebellious or “for the people”. These 5 could have funnelled their power into a single conduit person?
• Tie in guardians and their belief that the stones really are made by “the AM”; could this be because they were created later and the one who created them sort of shoehorned the stone into his own achievements?
• AM was adopted from a different culture so literally has nothing to do with actual DC history- this could also be integrated with 5 mages, this idea was pasted onto the conduit
• If 5 mages: could be they just become nobles and conduit rules; or their five households all become royal but gradually amalgamate/diminish into one royal family
• 5 mages would be supported by basic magic type dragons who are getting shat on by more complex magic types, allowing them to actually achieve their goals and set up a government etc

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