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 The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade

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PostSubject: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sat Aug 30, 2008 10:13 am

You should know them by now.. Right? 0_o.

The forest of light, the shimmering healthy trees wave forwards and backwards constantly. The small, green, veined leafs shine with happiness as in the middle of this lovely area, it a small hill. Just beneath the hill, it a small pond which waves around it, a long and thick line of light shines down upon the middle of the tip of the hill.

In the middle of the Portal of Light, which is located on the top of the hill, a wave of evil suddenly tumbled down upon the Forest of Light. A normal and small, leathered dairy lays upon the tip of the hill, it seems to be waiting. Unknown to anyone, but this diary is actually the Portal between the Human World to the World of the Damned and Dead.
They wait eagerly for someone to tick the bomb..
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sat Aug 30, 2008 10:19 am

Joining as:
- Near / L


Eyes blinked constantly in the waving wind, a suddenly harsh wind bounced across his face as the figure was thrown backwards. The teenager's body was slammed against the soft, cushy feeling the green grass beneath him. Above him, the veined leafs happily waved in the air. His eyes blinked once again, one eye shimmered a pale white, the other seemed a dark black. White hair tumbled over his eyes, Near, Or L, quickly shoved his fingertips between his forehead and his hair and brushed it away. Near quickly bounded himself into sitting mode, glancing around his soft and peaceful setting while slouching his head forwards. His beaded necklace quickly withered as the beads clicked together to make a soft noise. L lowered his head in concern as he felt the demon inside of him bounce up and down in joy. Causing him to have a slight stomach ache, Near clutched his stomach slightly before the demon settled down.
"What is it now?" He asked stubbornly, saying it to what seemed thin air.
'Well.. I feel my friends VERY close. /L/" Smirked the fuzzed up voice in side of him.
L gave a small wince while clutching his teeth together and gritting them.
"Oh.. Crap."
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sat Aug 30, 2008 10:39 am

(( Characters that I will be using: Wryana and Mistridle ))

A soft humming was heard, as a purple dressed girl, looking in the early ages of 20, was calmly walking through the forest. She inhaled the fresh air and squinted, getting the forests scent and sighing. She had been out here for two lone days, dark purple dragon-wings folded behind her back, and a slim tail sneaking around one of her legs. It was usually in the way, so she 'tied' it to her leg when she was in a bushy area. Being a hybrid was actually easier said then done, or living. She constantly gained unwanted attention, and the only thing she could do to prevent it, was to seek out some peace. This was the peace she was looking for, a living forest, but still quiet silent. She came to a sudden halt.
"Too quiet..." She murmured to herself, tucking her long purple-blue hair behind her somewhat scaly ears, she closed her mouth and drew in a breath through her nose. It didn't smell as it did for a few minutes ago, now the air was buzzing with something that felt like ice cold water wrapping around someones body. She shuddered invardly, and glanced around. Something wasn't right. She swallowed and spotted a soft grassy spot, where she quickly made her way over to. She sat down comfortable, and closed her eyes.
Mist? Mist? Mistridle!
You have woken me up yet again, Bloodmist. Are you fed over with your paranoid feelings yet? A soft femenine voice echoed through the girls head, she bit back a growl.
Stop calling me something I don't like. This is important!
So is the matter of sleeping... Hmm, I wonder if you have even slept the two days you were gone.... The voice murmured back. This time, she did growl back.
Stop it and listen.
I am listening, but impatiently... Get on with it before I fall into my slumber again. The voice held back something that sounded like amusement.
I feel something evil, Mist. Something that cannot be compared to the earlier feelings. You have to come!
You are still paranoid for your race, Bloodmist. You should calm down, evil exist everywhere without any stopping.
But this is different! It's something huge! The girl hissed back, trying not to loose control.
You are loosing it, Bloodmist. Try to calm down, if you now are that afraid, I will come. But only if you have something to be paranoid of. If there really is something there. And with that, the forest went quiet. The girl opened her eyes, and looked around with obvious fear written across her face. She clutched her tail tighter against her leg, and her wings shuddered. It was to tight to be able for her to fly, so she had to trust on her legs...
"Just hurry up." She whined to herself, out to the silent forest.

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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:07 am

Near clutched his teeth together once more, forcing his eyes closed while shuddering quickly, "Damn.. Damn."
'I'm getting stronger L, I'm getting..'
"Shut the Hell up!" Snarled Near, shaking his head rapidly from side to side as Senzonti voice still blurred inside of him. Clutching his teeth harder while gritting them, Near let out a whimpering scream. Throwing his head backwards while his mouth wrenched open, a small blue ball formed on the tip of his tongue. It suddenly gained in size, his tongue slowly slipped back before throwing itself forwards. The ball of ice was thrown into the air, flying harshly into the sky before bursting into white above the tree tops and towards the sky. The white caused by the explosion suddenly seemed to form a shape, lines suddenly curved and tumbled downwards, creating a extremely large cage of ice around him. Near dug his head into his knees as they were facing towards his face, Near gave more shudders while Senzonti continued his snickering.
'Oh.. Your getting /very/ serious.' Squeaked Senzonti in sarcasm, inside of him while bashing his darkness against L's inside. Near suddenly lured forwards, clutching his stomach while wincing his eyelids open.
"Damn you.. Damn you to hell." Near growled, slightly bending his ears back like an angered cat. His white hair shone as the sun shone through the shimmering ice cage around him.
Senzonti gave a murderess laugh inside of him.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sat Aug 30, 2008 12:12 pm

She winced.
She had heard the explosion sound, and she didn't like it. The girl with the tail, or the wings, lifted her head to the direction the sound had came from. She held her breath, as if to hear something more.
A scream? She fought the urge of curiousity to go and take a look, and stayed frozen. Something in the sky was morphing, somewhere infront of her, about 2 kilometres ahead. She swallowed and took one stepp forward, and stopped. Maybe it wasn't important. Maybe it wasn't even an explosion, but a trick that her mind was playing, or even Mistridle could have transfered the explosion sound and scream through her link.
... No, Mistridle did no such things... She was a calm creature, looking for peace, as the girl herself. She rarely grew agressive and if she did, it was in self defence or defence for others.
Finaly, straightening her back and clenching her fists, she raised her head and inhaled. She then crouched slightly, and sped off towards the sound. Wings tightly folded, so they did'nt became harmed around the sticks on the trees and bushes. The girl brushed pass a strange object, but ignored it for the time being. She had only one thing on her mind; The Sound. The only sound that could be heard was the explosion, and that had to mean something. The forest seemed to also hold it's breath, as she came closer to the original sound.
You are running, why? As unexpected as ever, the dragons calm voice once again echoed through her mind. She tried to ignore her, but the dragon was stubborn.
You haven't even checked with your Hawks Eye if it's not a enemy. Hawks eye was the girls spell, and she snarled.
No, and how do you know it's a 'someone'? A light chuckle was heard through the link, as the dragons amusement filled it.
My, you really need to pay attention... And with that, Mistridle cut the link, and went quiet. The girl sighed. She suddenly ran into something hard, and cold. She fell back with a surprised yell, but used her tail to steady herself. She looked up, and stared wide eyed at the Ice Cage that she had run into. She raised a hand to touch the surface of it, and drew it back as she felt something radiet from it. She didn't like it.

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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sun Aug 31, 2008 3:44 am

'I've already be damned you stupid, stupid.. Oh look someone is coming.' Senzonti cut off half his way through speaking as the hybrid seemed to tumble backwards, 'Look's like we have a /visitor/.'
No, he must be lying.. He likes playing tricks at me, I bet as soon as I lift my head, he will try and take over. But if I must.. Near's face was slightly lifted from his knees. Blinking constantly as the girl had a tail, wings and some form of strange ears.
Why should I be afraid? It's not like I haven't seen something out of the original. for example, Senzonti, Gods of Death were only theories and no one would believe that I, out of anyone, had been possessed by one.
Near's pale eyes glanced upon her, slowly scrambling onto his knees while slowly leaning forwards. Watching the girl, his fingertips wrapped around the thick lines of blue that surrounded him.
"Are.. You Okay?" He asked, glancing into her eyes while his shirt shuddered from the coldness of the lines.
'Why do you control damn Ice? It's too cold.' Senzonti shivered, suddenly feeling the warmth as the sun flew through the ice. Although it didn't melt it, Senzonti could still feel the warmth inside of L, 'Ahh. So nice.'
"Shut-up." Near muttered stubbornly under his breath. Senzonti bashed himself into Near's insides once more, using his free hand to clutch onto it while his remaining pale hand was still wrapped around the bars of the iced cage.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sun Aug 31, 2008 9:24 pm

She gawked at the man.
"N-no, the real question is if you are okay!" She stuttered, hoping that it didn't sound as pathetic as she excpected. She swallowed and darted her eyes around the ice cage.
"You're stuck." She blurted out without thinking. She met his eyes and invardly loosened her grip on her leg with her tail. She put a palm against the ice, and winced when a cold wave struck her body. Ignoring the coldness, she murmured some ancient words, and a sparkle of fire started to rise at the tip of her index finger. She frowned when the ice did not melt.
Hmm? What is strange?
GAH! Get out of my head!
Why? It's not that you are having a private moment or anything. Once again, the dragon had amusement, and the girl growled out, but this time, loud. She bit her lip and lowered her eyes to the ground. She then looked up at the man again, and smiled faintly, while snaking a tail around the ice, squeezing it.
You really think that you can break that ice, do you..? Mistridle chuckled over the link, and sighed.
Shut up, you... you overgrown maggot!
Now now, that was not nice of you...
Like you would care! The girl hissed back. She vented out most of her irritation on the ice her tail was trying to crush.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Wed Sep 03, 2008 9:43 am

"Please, don't feel sorrow for me." Near shook his head, ignoring the hissing and snickering of the evil Senzonti that echoed through him. Causing himself to slightly vibrate of fear of giving up his body to the demon, "I choose for this cage to be upon me. I /made/ it be upon me."
'Oooh. Never heard you give in like this before! Smoochie-Smoochie' Near heard kissing noises echo through himself, Near gave a growl at himself, watching the girl's tail bash against his object. It might hurt her soon, Near gave a small mumble. Lowering his head while the shimmering light shone upon his pale white hair, it knocked from side to side as magic flew through his fingertips. His nails just nipping the tip of the ice line, the ice power suddenly slammed into the ice. The blue, rough, crystal-like substance suddenly gave a violent shake.
He could feel his own creation crumble beneath another stronger version.
The ice suddenly cracked intensely, the blue suddenly gained long black lines of cracks. The large bars of ice suddenly crumbled, the small icicles of ice tumbled against the ground and seemed to disappear under his gazing stare.
Near blinked slowly before staring upwards at Wryana.
'Ooooh. I've also never seen you do /that/ either.' Snickered Senzonti deviously.
Shut-Up.. Bastard.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:28 pm

She backed up a few steps as the ice she had been trying to break with her tail, crumbled. Wryana didn't know what to answer the pale man, so she kept her mouth shut.
It isn't easier to be quiet, you know.... Wryana started to get a little annoyed by the dragon now.
How come it's easier when YOU are quiet?
It isn't. She shut off her link again, this time, trying to not let the drahon slip back again.
"... Why... Why did you shut yourself inside the.. cage?" She murmured, casting small glances around where the ice had been. Her tail curled around her leg again, and wings relaxed slightly. She took one step closer, but halted, looking somewhat nervously at him.
"There seems to be something evil inside you..." She murmured, not realising she said that out loud to herself. She blushed and shook her head. "I mean, you look.. cold?" She put a face at her own remark.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:48 am

Near relaxed his face, smoothing it out while letting a small smile erupt on his lips. Not answering her second question but answering the other, "I put myself in this cage, as you said yourself before, because of a demon that lurks inside of me. His name is Senzonti, and I feel the same presence that I feel with him all the time around this forest. Something is not right." Near shook his head at the thought, Senzonti gave intense mumbles inside him as the demon felt like leaping out of his flesh and slicing Near up himself. Near attempted his best not to notice the protesting Senzonti.
"My attribute is Ice, my kind is very pale and tend to be Cold. They have the ability to withstand under 80 or so degrees, like South or North Pole for instance." Near mumbled, shrugging himself off.
'Let me out..' Shivered Senzonti in rage.
NEVER. Hissed Near his mind.
'Now...' Senzonti growled, suddenly giving a roar and slamming himself against Near's insides again.
Near lured forwards slightly, his mouth puffing out slightly as Senzonti reared himself for another attack.
Near shut his eyes while looking down at his knees, attempting to concentrate, icicles suddenly appeared around Senzonti. Trapping him.
Although, Near had used up some power making the Ice Cage, therefore it was not as powerful.
Senzonti hissed and charged at the ice cage inside of the boy, suddenly breaking it as Near lured forwards slightly again.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Fri Sep 05, 2008 1:36 pm

She widdened her eyes slightly at the boys movements.
A demon, ey? Mistridle mused.
Shut up.
I won't until I can speak face to face with you.
That won't be anytime today.
You sure of that?
Wryana sighed invardly, and shook her head. She bit her lip, too hard, and her fangs made a cut. She wiped off the small amount of blood that was running down over her lip.
"It's the demon doing this, isn't it?" She exclaimed, bending over to try and help the boy up. Her tail gave in to the help, and curled around the boys chest. helping him up, she patted his back.
"You need to relax.."

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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:48 am

Near gave the slightest chuckle, "Yeah. Unfortunately, whenever the Demon takes over, People say I become a Dragon Slayer." Near mumbled, shrugging that thought off his back.
Senzonti growled.
Near was giving too much of himself away.
"I feel like a need to relax, but I can't with this freak inside of me." Near mumbled, watching her tail with fascination. His bright white hair was knocked to the side constantly as another two or so waves of demon breath echoed through the shimmering forest. The veined leafs slightly withered against the smell as they curled ever so slightly.
Senzonti growled, suddenly slamming his fist-like thing into Near again. Near lured slightly again. Lifting himself to his feet while twinkling his toes upon the grassy floor.
Near looked around, attempting to not notice the now cursing Senzonti and stared in his surroundings. Tilting his head to the side, before staring back at the girl.
"Never got your name, You can call me Near. Or L if you wish."
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:52 pm

"Wryana, Wryana Bloodmist, but don't let my name fool you. I'm not a killer." She looked stern, but softened her face and sighed. "I'm a magician, trained to control Arcane and fire power. Thought, I'm also a hybrid, as you can see..." She noted the look he had given her tail.
Ooh, interested in tails! I'd love to give him a look at mine!
Didn't I tell you to shut your scaly jaw!?
Ah, don't be so rude, my friend.
You are the one being rude and butting in. The dragon didn't answer, and Wryana seemed to look thoughtful for a second.
"Hey, why were you out here from the beggining?" She carefully asked.

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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:22 am

“Ok.” Near mumbled, scratching the tip of his chin while glancing at the girl, “Oh, Doesn’t matter. I don’t mind cross breeds, seeing that I’ve got one blooming here!”
Near gave a snort at himself, Senzonti snorted back.
“Oh, I just really found myself here from being dragged by Senzonti’s control. Then I felt a deep and dark presence into the air. It made a shiver run up my spine and didn’t feel good,” Near mumbled, flicking some white hair out of his eyes.
‘Ahh. So sweet today ain’t we L?’ Snickered Senzonti sheepishly, Near attempted not to hear the Demon. Because of his demon, Near had a small amount of telepathic powers, he could slightly overhear their conversation. But didn’t bother to say anything about it.
“So.. What brought you here? Anyone reason--?” Near lured forwards again while Senzonti suddenly pierced his way through Near’s insides. Near suddenly slammed his hands against his stomach. A large amount of light erupted from his fingertips, seeping into his stomach and slamming Senzonti downwards. Pinning the demon down.
‘Ahh, Crap.’ Snapped Senzonti as he squirmed furiously underneath the light’s weight.
“Oh, forgot to mention. I can also control Light.” Mumbled Near, giving a small and guilty small while scratching the tip of the back of his neck.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:22 pm

She tilted her head at him.
"Strange, because I also felt a dark presence in the forest." She glanced over her shoulder, and shivered at the sudden cold wind drapping around her. She brought her wings around herself, and tail around one of her legs, trying to warm herself. A sudden movement in the woods made her gasp and turn around, fire eating up on her hands.
"Calm down, it's me..." A soft voice called out, and Wryana turned from frightened, to relife.
"You!" She cried out, letting the fire burn out from her hand. And from the woods, none other then a cream green Dragon emerged, wingless, but with a strong-looking tail. Wryana glared at the dragon, who calmly looked back at her, with soft, but sharp red eyes.
"Still not happy to see me, I see." The dragon murmured, and bowed it's head slightly. Wryana snorted and folded her arms, then grinned.
"You came anyway? And I thought that you were to paranoid." She smirked. The dragon huffed back at her, and shook her head.
"Still using my words against me..? You are mean..." The dragon came very close to a facial expression, more or less, a pout.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Wed Sep 10, 2008 8:16 am

"Yeah, I think it's--" Near was quickly cut off as Wryana suddenly twisted her self around, "Are you--?"
A large figure seemed to strut out of the darkness, a creamy-green like dragon appeared. Its tail flicking from side to side as the two seemed to have met before.
Near was totally cut off, until he heard the glint in the dragon voices.
It was the one that Wryana was 'talking' to before.
Near blinked mindlessly before kneeling against the ground and stretching himself forwards, trying to relax his aching muscles from being placed in the position that he always had to endure when Senzonti attempted to escape.
Also, seeing that Senzonti had just caused him a large amount of deep pain.
Near heard Senzonti reply in unison.
'Ohhh. I'd LOVE to dig my claws into that SCALY FREAK.' Laughed Senzonti, clicking his claws together as his hatred for dragons increased.
Near didn't slaughter the dragons...
Senzonti did.
Shut-Up you BubbleHeaded Idiot. Snapped Near, pushing his bottom lip forwards while glancing around. Suddenly stretching himself further, more and more like a Cat before retreating into his original position by kneeling against the floor.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:12 pm

The purple girl noted the way he was 'stretching' on the ground, and threw a glance at Mistridle, who stood a distance by. The dragons deep red eyes scanned the area, and she puffed out a smoke of peppermint scent. Wryana waved her hand infront of her face, as if to wave away the sent.
"I hate when you do that." She muttered, making the dragon look at her with amusement.
"It's the demon inside him." Mistridle spoke about the boy, and Wryana looked back down at him. "The demon hates dragons." She continued. The girl kneeled down at placed a slightly clawed hand on L's shoulder, and looked at him with concern. Mistridle narrowed her eyes as she felt something in the air.
"But it's not that demon doing this." She stated, making Wryana look up.
"You mean, there's another one?" She asked, worry filling her eyes. The dragon turned her head towards the forest. Listening.

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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:09 am

‘Ooo. This little freak is so good.. Love the fact she knows my friend is around.. I should see who it is..’
All of a sudden, Senzonti forced his way through Near and controlled him, Near suddenly straightened and looked more and more like a Cat. His nose scrunching forwards and backwards while giving a small growl. Near was suddenly tossed back slightly, Senzonti scurried back to his position and gave a small laugh.
‘So.. It looks like Reegi has come to a little visit..’
“Reegi?” Replied Near in unison, saying it aloud while slightly blushing and scratching the tip of his neck.
‘Great.. TODAY is just GREAT.’ Senzonti roared in sarcasm, folding his clawed arms and tapped his claws against his arms.
That is easy for you to say.. Near mumbled.
‘Why don’t you just go back into your little ice cage again, much better than before.. Especially with that scaly freak near us.. Oooh. How I could sink my fangs—‘
I GET the point.. Near sighed, feeling Senzonti itching for killing the dragon, Stop getting excited.. Now your making me feel the same way for no reason..
‘It’s because.. Your like.. ME.’
Near frozen.
He can’t be like Senzonti.
Not ever.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:18 pm

The dragon turned her body south, raising her head to gaze off into the distance. Wryana stood on her place, hands balled into fists.
"Mistridle..." She started, but was cut off by a shriek off the distance. The dragon seemed to clench her muscles, as she readied for an attack. The girl twisted her tail to grip her arm, and her wings raised high in fear. She shivered and hugged herself. The creame green dragon made a quick movement, and seconds later she was high up in one of the trees. Wryana turned to Near, and regarded him.
"It might mean danger, so we better get away from here..." She stated, nodding towards the dragons tail, who was visible from all the leaves.
"No, we better stay." Mistridle jumped down, landing with a soft thump, and regarding both of them with piercing eyes.
"It's another demon, and your demon seems to know it?" She said, emotionlessly. Wryana nodded slowly, and stretched her wings, curling her tail around her left leg again. Mistridle narrowed her eyes at that.
"Old habits die hard, I see." She muttered, making the purple girl swallow.
"We shouldn't stay-"
"Oh, I think we should. If we run, it's over." The lizard walked up to them, and glanced at Near, and then back at Wryana.
"The demon wants to kill me." She stated.
"How do you know?"
"I can hear him." She raised her head, and huffed.

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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Fri Sep 12, 2008 8:19 am

"Um, Sorta.. Ok Yes. After having a little conversation with Senzonti, he said that a demon named 'Reegi' was near by. I'm not too sure that this Demon is too--"
Senzonti sudden forced his way through Near again, Near suddenly curved his body upwards. His head was lowered while cat-like fangs hung from his gums, Near gave a angered hiss. Stretching himself further while Senzonti made Near jog upon the spot.
Near suddenly backed away slightly, tossing his head back while giving another terrible hiss.
"Rrrraaaawwwn!" Near hissed, baring his fangs while his white hair seemed to stand on end. His eyes suddenly turning yellow and with slits in the middle, claws pierced through his skin while Near bounded against the ground constantly.
Jogging up and down constantly while Near suddenly charged towards the bush, before leaping back.
As if to scare the demon.
Near suddenly growled, bouncing towards Wryana, curving his body upwards again and hissing loudly.
Near suddenly bounded towards the bush again, swinging his claws nails into the thin air while his hair still stood on end.
Senzonti was too distracted to sink his fangs into the Dragon.
This was much more important.
"Come out!" Hissed Near, much more deeper and fuzzed up than normal.
The bush ruffled slightly.
Near curved himself again and loudly hissed, his tongue flashing out intensely.
Piercing eyes glared through a hole in the bush.
Near suddenly backflipped and gave the most intense hiss ever, the leafs upon the trees suddenly withered. Most turning gray, covering the shimmering green that stood before.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Fri Sep 12, 2008 12:25 pm

Mistridle didn't seem so surprised as Wryana had expected her to be. She just stood there, calmly looking at the bush thing. Wryana had raised her wings when Near had lunged for her, ready to fend him off, but was surprised to see that the boy had jumped back in time before colliding with her. Right now, her own fangs were bared, standing in a fighting stance, hands into fists as smoke - clearly visible - started to run out of the small gaps betwean her fingers. The dragon herself was a calm creature, she didn't fight unless her opponents attacked. As to prove her point, Mistridle curled her tail around herself, looking more passive then agressive. Wryana noted the way the dragon was clearly excited by it all, almost amused - as she usally was. The purple one could not help to shiver when her own blood started to run down from her palm. She had forgotten about her claws.
"... I need to be more alert." She muttered under her breath, opening her hands to see the damage she had inflicted on herself. Mistridle took a note to warn her next time she decided to use her skills. The girls claws hadn't done any mayor damage, just four punctures where blood was finding it's way out. She lowered her wings, as if they were too heavy to bear... Mind you, they were heavy...

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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sat Sep 13, 2008 8:31 am

Near gave another hiss while staring intensely against the bush. Constantly baring his fangs and jogging on the spot.
A small and fluffy, white rabbit popped from out of the bush.
Its small fluffy ears flopped forwards while nipping it bottom lip.
Near/Senzonti was still very aware.
Near suddenly leaped in front of the rabbit, and then bounded backwards while hissing wildly.
The rabbit just tilted its head and began to clean itself.
A long and purple tongue lashed out, wrapping around the fluffy white object and reeling it into the bush. There was a 'gulping' noise before no sounds could be heard.
The sounds of movement suddenly occurred, a wide and rotting foot moved from the bush. Then another, and another, and another.
There, stood, a Porcupine-like monster. Although, he seemed around ten times bigger than a normal Porcupine, bronze blades were pointing back from it's elbows. The monster appeared to be rotting.. Decaying.
"So it is you.. Reegi." Snarled the fuzzed up voice of Senzonti while baring his fangs.
"Oo. I see you, Senzonti, have gained a body. Lucky you." Sneered Reegi, pounding his heavy, decaying feet against the ground.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sat Sep 13, 2008 9:12 am

Wryana did not relax once the demon had emerged from the bush. She had let enough dragon soul in her body to make her face look like on of the scaly beasts and her claws had grown longer, thus Mistridle still didn't seem agressive, she still was very excited. The dragon had lowered herself down, in a laying position with her own claws over the others. Wryana herself was far from excited. She was actually a fighter, with Arcane and fire, mind you. As she flexed her claws, once again smoke began rising from her palm, and soon fire was eating her entire arms. She hissed too, but only to try and scare her opponent, wich was not goin well by the way.
"Hold yourself, Bloodmist." She heard the dragon mutter, and made her rise her wings in annoyance.
"Speak for yourself, and keep that excited feeling out of the link!" She hissed back, glancing over her shoulder. The dragon did as she was told, and shut the link. Wryana immidieatly felt calmer now.

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Near hissed again as Reegi snickered at all his 'play-mates'.
"See you got yourself a couple of friends." Reegi grinned, allowing his spikes upon his back to wiggle. As if to jeer at Senzonti, "Who is the twerp you took control of? Your boyfriend?"
"You shut your decaying mouth Reegi," Roared the fuzzed voice of Senzonti, "you're just jealous because my body is now returned to its original state! While yours it still decaying!"
Reegi growled out of the truth.
He suddenly lunged towards Near, sinking his fangs into the boy's flesh. Near let his voice escape his lips, giving a loud yell. He was suddenly retreating towards Wryana.
Senzonti had retreated into his body.
Near's limbs wobbled from weakness, with Senzonti escaping the fight and not backing him up, he was much more weak.
Reegi laughed.
"Looks like your demon has abandoned you human!" Reegi jeered, slightly stabbing his claws into the ground at the site of the dragon.
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Wryana grabbed Near by the arms and took a stepp back from the other demon, she wasn't fond of fighting them, but she was at least going put up one if the demon even thought of it. She placed an arm around the boy to keep him upright, backing off towards the now growling dragon. Mistridle had noted that this demon was not an inexperienced, as she had hoped it to be. The dragon stood up and let Wryana place Near on her back.
"I see this is not an oppurtunity going as I thought." She muttered, and allowed the girl to jump up on her back, behind the pale boy.
"Quit talking and get us out of here!" She hissed, using her tail to hold down Near so he would not fall off the muscular back of the peppermint dragon. Said dragon opened her jaws to spew out tons of white peppermint smoke, blinding the demon with the stinging scent of it. She took the oppurtunity to make a turn and ran off into the forest.
Just don't make any sound. She sent through the link, making Wryana drop her wings on the both side of the sprinting Mistridle.
"Meldaavra Sin!" Wryana cried out, closing her eyes shut. Behind them, the ground crumbled, and the trees began to shake. A sudden light came as a pack of silver wolves appeared on the spot and they turned and started to run after the dragon.
"You're foolish." Mistridle muttered venomously at the girl, who just opened her eyes and stared at the back of the dragons head.
"At least they will protect us!" She hissed back.
"Only for an amount of time!" The dragon growled, heading off towards a temple she knew was there.
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The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade
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