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 Hone Brighteyes:. -Grass or circles? (Lash)

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PostSubject: Hone Brighteyes:. -Grass or circles? (Lash)   Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:07 pm

- Hone Brighteyes –

.:Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows:.

Name: Hone Brighteyes
Nicknames/Alias: Honey
Age: 19
Date of Birth: 1st April 2690
Gender: Female
Species: Lash

.:Everything that’s wonderful is when I feel we’re together:.

Profession: Elite
Birthplace: Nusfarian Desert, fairly close to Kaionar
Faction: Defenders of Dragons’ Cove
Relation To Any Non-Dragons: Lutis Passal’s (Partner in crime)

.:Brighter than a lucky penny:.

Eye Colour: Blue
Size: Small, 6ft in height
Scars: None

General Appearance: Hone is what you might call a typical lash dragon- at least, in appearance. Her scales are an eclectic mi of cerulean blue, scarlet and purple. She walks on her back legs, her front held loosely in front of her for balance, and her wings sometimes used for balance too. Her wings are feathered with purple, and are generally quite ragged- Hone has a terrible habit of pulling out her feathers. She is 6ft tall and leanly built. Her eyes are blue, the same colour as some of her scales. Around her face she has a few prehensile fins and long ears, which she uses a lot of express her emotions more vividly.
On the end of her tail is a large blade, used for slicing through prey. It is very sharp along its one edge, and Hone herself has felt its cut many a time. However, her scales are mostly unmarked for this.

She speaks with a thick Cumbrian accent.

Personality: Excitable, competitive, mischievous, curious, honourable, clumsy, innocent.
Excitable- Hone finds even the smallest things in life exciting, from seeing bees go from flower to flower, to great celebrations. She just can’t help herself!
Competitive- Life is a race, and Hone likes to try hard; she has a strong competitive spirit on all things, and frequently challenges others to the silliest of things.
Mischievous- Hone loves to laugh, and what better way by tricking someone else? She’s not particularly good at it however, as she tends to start giggling before anything’s happened; same with retelling something amusing.
Honourable- Hone is an Elite, and follows their codes rigorously. She may be playful and eager to compete, but she would never use underhand methods to come out on top. Hone likes to hear the best of people, and has a hard time seeing the faults in others, or hearing complaints about her friends. She is instantly loyal to anyone she takes a liking to (which is pretty much anybody), and is very respectful of those above her in the Elite ranks, or those older and wiser. That doesn’t mean they’re clear of her tomfoolery however…
Clumsy- If there’s something in her way, she’ll fall over it. It’s bound to happen. Keep well clear of her tail!

Strengths: Optimistic, active, helpful.
Weaknesses: Unperceptive, childish, overeager.
Likes: Deserts, birds, chocolate biscuits, bright colours.
Dislikes: Wet weather, eating birds, crowds, romance.
Fears: Losing her friends, tight spaces, being lost.
Abilities/Powers: Hone has very limited magical powers. The most she can do is exhale super-heated air (but not fire), which can melt or set alight flammable objects.

Strength: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ****
Endurance: ***
Agility: *****
Arcane: *

.:When you’re near the raincloud disappears dear:.

Father: Aeron (deceased)
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Brother, Echai
Other Important Family: None
History: Hone, unlike most lash dragons, grew up in the desert. Unlike most lash dragons, that would have hated such a climate, she enjoys the heat of the sand and the open space, and spent her childhood roaming freely and happily with a small pack of other lash dragons, including her father and brother. On an adventure away from the rest of the pack one day, she came across Lutis, wandering around trying to find the Volcane Belt for a foolish bet he had made in a Kaionar tavern. Finding the intoxicated man amusing, she took him under his wing until he found his wits again, walking him back to the 'safety' of Kaionar, and finding the whole episode hilarious. Enjoying the thief's company sober, as well as drunk as a skunk, she tagged along with him in the city until he (in the most friendly way possible) persuaded her that Kaionar possibly wasn't the best place for her to live. A naive, honourable little dragon had no place in the crooked city, especially when she started trying to fix all the problems the place had. A much better place for her was with the Elites, and once she met one of the lawkeepers, that was it, she had found what she wanted to do. Happily waving goodbye to Lutis and Kaionar, she set out for Guardians' Peak.

Elite training for Hone took a long time, as she was very naive, clumsy and always had difficulty paying attention for long enough to do exactly what she was told to do, but she eventually passed from Novice to trainee Elite on patrol after 10 long months. There was a whole new world out there waiting for her, and she was eager to explore it. Joining a patrol, with the Red Rock Zeal as the Elite Major, Hone found excitement in every step of their journey and her training, taking her far from her birthplace in the desert.

At the Everbridge, she came across her first skirmish, and the diplomacy skills she had learned at Guardians' Peak came in handy, dealing with the refugees fleeing from Racksom. Always optimistic, she's been helping out wherever she can, and enjoying every moment of it.

Other: She has this bad habit of chewing her claws and ripping out her feathers to use as candles. They have a special waxy coating, and if you blow enough warm air on them, they light up and burn like a candle. Hone cannot fly.

.:My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows:.

Lutis Passal (Partner in crime)
Zeal (Elite Leader)
Llarria (Acquaintance)
Fenrir (Acquaintance, annoyance of)
Kesia (Acquaintance)
Atleon (Acquaintance)
Jackdaww and Measle (Acquaintance)
Tatsu (Acquaintance)


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Hone Brighteyes:. -Grass or circles? (Lash)
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