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 Falcon || Deos's Little Spy || (Shapeshifter)

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PostSubject: Falcon || Deos's Little Spy || (Shapeshifter)   Falcon || Deos's Little Spy || (Shapeshifter) Icon_minitimeFri Jan 06, 2012 8:52 pm

Name: Falcon

Age: 6

Hatchdate: June 6th

Gender: Male

Picture: Falcon Form

Type Of Person: Shapeshifter

Falcon is unique in that he isn't a person. He's a peregrine falcon that has learned to shapeshift into a human. He's an accomplished thief, can read and write in both falcon and human forms, and is loyal to Deos. He's learned some of the arts of sensuality but can be too honest concerning sex (and other things), and has often laughed many mates out of bed.

Relation To Any Dragons: So far, none.


Falcon was hatched among a brood of three atop the  Xerceis compound in Kaionar. He was the only survivor of his brood and immediately went his own way once he could fly and hunt properly. Being around so many people, Falcon often observed them and their behavior. He took to imitating them, learned to read and write, and learned to make the shift between beast to man. At first, he shifted wantonly in the image of whatever human he thought he could copy, but as time passed, he learned to shift into males (as it was easier) and males of his own age. At some point, Falcon created his own self image and it became his preferred human transformation. Observing men, he learned what items were important, and stole them. Wealth was important to men and if he stole it, it made him wealthy in their stead. Of course, as a falcon he had no need for wealth than to simply have it. Often he traded it for meat and things he liked as a human.

The turning point in Falcon's life came when he tried to steal from Deorwynn Reileanne Xerceis, otherwise known as Deos. She caught him in the act, and grabbed him. Through the skin contact, she recognized him for what he was, a bird in human form. Intrigued, she decided that she'd have him work for her, unless he wanted to die of course. Falcon took her offer and was her loyal thrall from therein. She taught him many things, foremost among them not getting caught. She found that although he'd been a beast, he'd had his own personality from the start, and was not some mindless idiot.

During the raid of the Xerceis house, he was sleeping in human form. Captured, he was known to be an accomplished thief, his shapeshifting ability kept secret by both himself and his mistress. When he was sent off on a job, he simply flew away and never came back. He was assumed to be dead, and shrugged off, another thief sent in his stead. Careful, he lived and worked silently in Kaionar, often looking for information about his mistress.

He was excited when he heard she was coming back to Kaionar and did all he could to pave her way. He rejoined her and happily remained by her side, doing her bidding ever since.

Falcon is quite intelligent, and has a disdain for stupid humans and beasts. He feels like dragons are just hybrid lizard mongrels with way too much pride. That they don't consider themselves beasts and think of themselves as a people amuses him. He can cut straight through bullshit to the meat of a topic and is relentless once he finds out someone's true aim. He has an penetrating stare that makes people uncomfortable. Deos did teach him something in the way of sensuality, however, she never instilled into him the importance of lying during sex. He often tells the truth when asked for flattery and has been known for his mockery of those who seek flattery. He has been known to laugh people out of bed and demean those that profess themselves as intellectuals but are more like lapdogs looking for the right lap to sit in. He has an odd sort of humor, and finds many things humans do to be quite droll. He is often very serious and has the mannerisms of the bird of prey that he is. He's curt, functionally polite, but temperamental. It is easy to gain his scorn and much less easy to gain his respect. He is sexually ambivalent although he prefers strong bedmates who know what they are doing. He spends an equal amount of time as a bird as he does as a human. His reason is he doesn't want to forget what he is and what he can do.

He has many skills. As both human and falcon, he is an accomplished thief. As a human, he is a great cutpurse, pickpocket and burglar. As a falcon he executes excellent dives to steal things in the blink of an eye from unsuspecting targets. He has also been known to tap on windows, as a falcon, and rob unsuspecting animal lovers blind. He has a photographic memory, and has memorized the entire layout of Kaionar and surrounding areas, making him an excellent messenger and scout. He's also skilled in bed, despite his words, and has earned coin in that way as well. He can forge letters well, and can read and write both in human form as well as falcon.


Falcon is an average sized male peregrine falcon with a black mask about his head and cheeks. His beak is slate grey in color. His throat and chest are white, his chest barred in clean black bands. His back and wings are slate grey, darkening to black at the wingtips. The undersides are white barred in black bands. His tail is also slate grey and is barred with clear bands. His cere and legs are a deep yellow color, his talons black and deadly curved. His eyes are dark with a yellow orbital ring and don't seem to change much in his transformations.

In human form, he is short, standing around 5'6", and slender. He is often male, preferring his gender from the egg. His hair is a dusky blue-grey color, almost slate in color. His eyes are dark, much like his falcon form and are a bit canted, giving him the predatory look. The skin around his eyes is darker in color, a bit yellower. He is pale-skinned with strong shoulder, back and leg muscles. His nails are black in color but he has learned to make them flat, like human nails, and not deadly and sickle shaped, as in previous transformations when he was younger. He likes to wear voluminous pants, tapered at the ankle, open at the hips, belted shut by a sash round his waist. Normally he wears an equally as voluminous shirt, often transparent, tapered at the wrists, with a wide v-neck that exposes his chest. He doesn't wear shoes, rather a sort of leather wrap around the bottoms of his feet, leaving his toes and heel exposed.


He is loyal to Deos. Whoever she allies with, so will he. Although he is six in human years, he is an adult, for he is a bird foremost rather than human.

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Falcon || Deos's Little Spy || (Shapeshifter)
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