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 Jazz'Sola - Earth [Demon]

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PostSubject: Jazz'Sola - Earth [Demon]   Jazz'Sola - Earth [Demon] Icon_minitimeTue Aug 13, 2019 9:50 am


Undefinable, though fairly young still in demon terms in the Triadic Age

- Short, straight black hair
- Dark green highlights
- Brown eyes
- Green is the theme: she usually wears some kind of green somewhere in her clothing
- Wears leather strips with green thread and/or green colouring on her right wrist with a couple of bangles added in for flavour
- Wears glittery green bracelets and bandages strapped all up her left arm in a more or less regular pattern
- Wears a thin but sturdy leather string around her neck with a smoothly polished emerald dangling down into her clothing, usually always hidden from sight (unless it is required as an eye-catcher in combination with a low cut shirt or dress to divert from other things she might be doing)
- Medium height, with a slightly willowy appearance despite womanly curves

- Earth
- Can cause small tremors with her as of yet limited powers
- Stores magic in the small gems that adorn her many bracelets
- Can make plants grow or die
- Can make the earth move to a certain degree
- Affinity with earth brings along with it knowledge of plants, sometimes animals

The Character:
Jazz may look like a very sensual being (curtesy of her demon heritage) but she is not. On the contrary, she has no idea how to be intimate or what it actually means. She is very inexperienced, regularly completely misses the point when someone is flirting with her, and when she does realise someone is flirting with her, she blushes furiously. Therefore she also prefers to avoid touch of any kind other than professional because she doesn’t know how to interpret it. The same goes for sarcasm. She simply doesn’t speak it and doesn’t understand it.

Jazz works as a herbalist. She loves spending time outdoors, no matter the season or time of day, to gather plants of all kinds. She keeps herself to herself most of the time – it avoids difficult situations with others. She owns a small hut on the outskirts of Yarrowitz, close enough to be able to go to the markets on a regular basis to sell some of her herbs mostly to merchants who would then take them further across Dragons’ Cove. The locals knew where to find her and came to buy at her place directly.

Children seemed to like her, not only because she was a nice person but because she mostly treated them the same way she treated everyone else as well, not making much of a distinction between adult and child. They are further attracted to come to her place because she usually always has at least a couple of butterfly dragons zipping around her flower garden, a garden she lets grow wild for the most part.

Mostly a gatherer, she rarely makes anything with the plants herself, leaving that to the various practitioners scattered across the island who had a better hand for it. She knows how to brew most potions but chooses not to as it would take too much time indoors to do so. She does brew various teas on a regular basis for herself or her customers.

However, her plants aren’t only used for the publically correct appliances. While she really does dislike brewing potions and making poultices of any kind, she has a hand for poisons. A very low number of people were in the know about this and she rarely is needed for such endeavours, but she is handled as a sort of expert in this area, also being one of the few to actually know how to do this. Poison isn’t very commonly used on Dragons’ Cove.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
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Jazz'Sola - Earth [Demon]
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