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 Human Anatomy Lovers/Artists....

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Human Anatomy Lovers/Artists.... Empty
PostSubject: Human Anatomy Lovers/Artists....   Human Anatomy Lovers/Artists.... Icon_minitimeTue Aug 16, 2011 6:13 pm

You may have already heard of this website, but if you haven't I *highly* recommend it...

Sometimes we get stuck on pose ideas
Sometimes we don't always have a person willing to stand naked and let us draw them
Sometimes studying anatomy from a book can be a drag


I dare you to try the 30 second challenge; great practice and immensely hard to master xD
can scale up (or down O_o) the time on the challenge, though

Also has other drawing resources (3d meshes of parts of bodies that you can rotate etc)

And of course, a huge wealth of great poses

Do not visit if you have a fear of nakedness/stripped off skin and only muscle

When I get home I will be scanning some of my 30 second drawings so uhm, you should too >D

"Use things, not people and love people, not things."
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Human Anatomy Lovers/Artists....
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