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 Gerris || Cruel Intellect || Fume Dragon

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PostSubject: Gerris || Cruel Intellect || Fume Dragon   Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:08 pm

Name: Gerris

Age: 25 years

Hatchdate: November 13th

Gender: Male


Type Of Dragon Fume

Relation To Any Non-Dragons: His rider and caretaker, Lyvas Hunt. He killed him while airborn, simply did a barrel roll and undid the harness. He called it an accident, acted very distraught and refused to be pitied. Shortly after Lyvas's death, he disappeared. He doesn't particularly hate humans, he just doesn't think they're worth words or wind. If he had his way, all humanoids would be slaves for dragons, building for them, writing for them, growing food for them (and occasionally a light snack themselves) and doing what they are told. No more, no less. A waste of such useful slaves is what he calls war.


Gerris's nest was raided when he was just an egg, and he was sold in Kaionar. Lyvas Hunt spotted the egg and stole it from its owner.

Gerris was hatched and raised in Lyvas Hunt's home. He never had nestmates or much interaction with other dragons. In Lyvas's home city of Kaionar, he was exposed to a much more seedy underbelly of Dragon's Cove. It was easy for Lyvas to take Gerris with him wherever he went, he wasn't too big as dragons went when he was young. Often Lyvas would expose him to liars, cheats, thieves, sellswords, murderers and a whole host of unsavory types. Unwilling to garner Lyvas's wrath, Gerris kept his growing disgust of humanoids to himself and learned all he could about manipulation and intimidation from his 'father'. He learned to tell lies like the truth and to spot a liar through a tell. He also learned that Lyvas made use of any and every tool at his disposal, of which Gerris was one. He learned a lot about his own abilities, thanks to Lyvas, and his noxious gases, emitted from both his mouth and glands located just under his skin underneath his wings and tail, were often a way to kill without shedding blood. Of course, when Gerris was big enough to ride, Lyvas saddled him up and used him as a mount, which Gerris minded only a bit, as Lyvas always cinched the straps too tight. The man weighed practically nothing while they were aloft.

Gerris never minded Lyvas, he just couldn't live under him. To Lyvas, Gerris was a tool, not a son, and he would never be treated with the proper respect accorded to a dragon. Gerris developed a superiority complex over the humanoid races of Dragon's Cove, and over other dragons as well. Unfortunately, Gerris was very logical and knew that he was practically the same as all other dragons in Dragon's Cove because of Lyvas, and that Kaionar was neither the whole world nor a hometown to boast of. In his own mind, he believed only filth was bred in Kaionar, and to be different, he had to get out. More importantly, Lyvas had to die.

He'd reached adult size by his adolescent years, and Lyvas had grown more confident of his dominance over Gerris. It was a simple thing for Gerris to fly high up, then roll whilst undoing the straps. Lyvas hit the ground in a mess of blood and broken bones. Gerris acted distraught and tended to Lyvas's body himself. Shortly after Lyvas's death, Gerris disappeared, along with Lyvas's hidden wealth and resources.

He resurfaced to join the Maledictus Eice. Simply put, he agreed with a group that believe dragons should dominate Dragon's Cove. However, he aimed to change their tune from 'destroy all non-dragons' to 'enslave all non-dragons'. He had no problem killing and eating humans, but he was never overly excited about it. He found battles to be a base way of handling things, but smart as ever, he did not share his un-warlike thoughts with any of the other members. Unfortunately, his loyalty was tested when the dragons of ME went after the Lightning Stone, and after suffering an attack of self preservation, he fled, knowing no one would pursue him, deep in the ruins as they were.

He has yet to resurface.


Gerris is a fully grown adult male Fume Dragon. His colors are black and a kind of neon green. His gases can either have a tint to them, or be completely colorless. The odor of his fumes often change with his desires, whether he requires unconsciousness, paralyzation, death or slow and painful death. His scales are smooth and pliable, allowing for his fumes to escape the glands and into the atmosphere. This gives him an overall smooth look. His eyes are yellow and slitted. Because he was well taken care of by Lyvas, he is a rather handsome looking dragon, used to caring for his physical appearance as well as keeping up hygiene. He doesn't bear many scars from fighting, and that's probably because he doesn't fight if he doesn't have to, unless he needs to keep up appearances. His teeth are all sharp and needle-like and his tongue isn't forked, but it is constantly wet with a liquid that turns to gas when exposed to air. He can secrete agents into this liquid to give his effect to his fumes, but largely the fumes he breathes out are harmless. His 'lips' are colored a bright neon green which curves into a cheshire like smile on his face. It makes him seem merry all the time, or sinister. He does always have an amused air about himself.


He wears Lyvas's skull around his neck as a macabre pendant. The wealth and resources Lyvas gathered are hidden in a location known only to Gerris, to be utilized when the dragons retake Dragon's Cove. He intends to  buy humanoid slaves and create an empire from that and control most of Dragon Cove's economy. A very human ambition that he rationalizes as a rational and intelligent ambition that any thinking creature can aspire to.

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Gerris || Cruel Intellect || Fume Dragon
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