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 Kono- Spine dragon

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PostSubject: Kono- Spine dragon   Kono- Spine dragon Icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2009 2:13 pm

Name: Kono
Age: 40
Birthdate: Summer, 2669
Origin: North of Amelle Falls, south of Turich in the mountains
Gender: Male
Type Of Dragon: Spine dragon, he is a good clan member
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: none
Likes/Dislikes: likes: flight, stars, peaceful nights, practicing, exploring, fire, mountains, animals dislikes: stupididty, evil, pigs, chickens, squirrels
Description: He is a large dragon with a large heart. He is easy to win over for the right causes that align with his strongly set morals, but ask him to do anything against those morals and he’ll fight you tooth and nail though he will be lenient and a gentle about his disapproval of the situation. He is relatively easy going and relaxed but his curiosity sometimes gets the better of him. He's not very skilled in magic favoring using physical attacks though he can breath fire which he uses when he needs a longer ranged attack.
history: He was raised in a relatively large family in the mountains near Amelle falls. With no formal training, he learned by experience and growing up in the mountains flying was one of the most important skills to learn early. He quickly learned how to master it and acquired the travel bug. Never wanting to sit still he left the nest and lived off the beaten trail hunting for meals and surviving on fire and his natural bulk and warmth. He learned to fight with tooth and claw along the way. His habit of dive-bombing developed with his age even he doesn't really know where he figured out he enjoyed it, it just happened over time and he soon incorporated it in fights when need be.
Other: He is relatively good at fighting and a skilled flier favoring dive-bombing and opponent as the rush of wind is his favorite way to relax...I guess that makes him a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

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Kono- Spine dragon
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