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 Enlil- Lightning User (Human)

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Things that I am :
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PostSubject: Enlil- Lightning User (Human)   Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:22 am

Name: Enlil

Age: 23

Type of person: Lightning user

Relation to Any Dragon: Hopes to be related to a Lightning Dragon, but probably not.
Like/Dislikes: Enlil is rather skilled at lightning use, he can control lightning as well as a dragon and it was thought that perhaps that is where he leaned his technique. Enlil attacks head on without thinking and would jump at that word adventure. He is a fiercely loyal friend and hasnít thought once about ladies and having a lady friend. Perhaps one day someone will interest him. He is quick to say what is on his mind and not think twice about it. Enlil dislikes the cold and people who mess with his friends. He also loves to eat.

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Enlil- Lightning User (Human)
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