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 Kassandra Lemaire- .:Batshit Crazy:. (Human)

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PostSubject: Kassandra Lemaire- .:Batshit Crazy:. (Human)   Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:51 pm

Kassandra Lemaire

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.:I wanna break every clock:.

My nameís Kassandra. ArmenoÖ Armeno calls me Kassie.
I used to go by Static, but that doesnít really fit any more. Oh, and Iíve been called Elektra before too.
Iím 26 years old. My birthday is on 8th January 2683.
I come from Quinsilla.

.:We could stay in this moment:.

Iím a woman, of course.
I have lightning powers. Magic, I guess you could call it. Itís become a curse to me.
But I use them for my work as a bountyhunter, freebooter anyway.
Iím not great with a sword. There, said it.
Iím also a useless cook.

I write in Light Sea Green.

.:For the rest of our lives:.

I think Iím in love. But I messed it all up. It was kinda inevitable.
With uh, Armeno Narandal. Itís complicated, heís an elfÖ
I know he loves me too, but Iím bad for him. We argue all the time.
He probably hates me now though. I made a mistakeÖ

.:Amazing how life turns out the way it does:.

Bit about me. Kassandra is quite tall for a woman, standing at 5í9. She has always been slim, but recently life has not been good to her, and she is looking on the thin side. Her hair is dark brown, long past her shoulders and wavy, with white streaks in the front. She likes to wear it back in a ponytail so it doesnít get in the way; the front strands tend to come free though. Her eyes are a mixture of hazel and green. She is pale-skinned, but thankfully not so that she might be mistaken for a Lahrukan! Any beauty she once had is now covered by the small scars speckled across most of her face, with three longer scratch-scars from her left eyebrow, across her eye and cheek, and down to the left corner of her mouth. As for other scars, her hands have hardly any fingerprints left due to burn scars there (first from Tabriís fire, then later re-scarring from her lightning), and two small arrow-wound scars on her left shoulder and her right thigh. But the biggest she holds is a T-shaped scar across the whole of her back, running from the nape of her neck down to her waist, then each across her shoulder blades.
Kassandra wears variations on green, brown and black, nearly always with a green cloak and shin-length black boots. She wears a long green scarf round her neck. Her clothes are practical and hardwearing. She did once have armour, but it was broken beyond repair then lost in the battle at Racksom.

Iím not who I used to beÖ Anti-social, nervous, aggressive, independent, standoffish, insecure, paranoid and quiet.
Aggressive: This comes of her being nervous, she tends to push people away if they make any attempt to be friendly or courteous.
Independent: Kassandra is fiercely independent, relying on nobody. She will accept help begrudgingly, but only from those she likes, or if she is in dire need.
Standoffish: She is incredibly nervous around new people, making her very anti-social. She doesnít like to interact with others for fear of being taken advantage of, threatened or judged.
Insecure: She hates to be told that she has problems, and generally makes a scene, despite knowing that her life is far from perfect. She is easily upset and can quickly 180í in emotional state, especially when it comes to talking of her magic, or Armeno.
Quiet: Kassandra doesnít like to interact with others- but this does not make her shy! She will speak her mind, if she thinks something is worth saying.

Mine. Currently she wields a long two-handed sword, after losing her previous sword (a sabre) in the battle at Racksom. She also has a small bag of travelling equipment such a blankets, food, a waterskinÖ These days she carries this, as her horse Tamarisk also went missing at Racksom. He is a 16hh Knabstrupper stallion, speckled black-on-white like a Dalmatian, with black ears. He is very well trained and well behaved, sturdy in battle and around other races. Dragons are a slight exception.

Good things

  • Armeno
  • Mountains
  • Quiet places, away from people
  • Riding
  • Green
  • Tamarisk
  • Apples

Bad things

  • Large cities
  • Dragons
  • Candyfloss
  • Rintho
  • Nightmares
  • Water
  • Being touched

.:We end up hurting the worst the only ones we love:.

I donít like thinking about whatís happened. Kassandra grew up in Quinsilla, but didnít like the town very much. The town, in turn, didnít like her. When she turned fourteen her powers suddenly appeared with fierce intensity, blowing out the wall of the building she was in and making her pass out. Such didnít go down well with the townsfolk, who feared strange things, and she was heavily disliked for the time she remained in the little town.

When she was 17, she left Quinsilla to travel, eventually settling in Tarz for a couple of years where she met her first romance. She kept her powers from him however, thinking they would scare him away. It wasnít until they had consummated their relationship that she told him. Fearing her powers, and upset at her secrets, he scorned her for what she was and left her with barely anything more than the clothes on her back.

Roll forwards nearly seven years, and she meets Phoebe, who she shared cake with, thought she might like, then suddenly decided she didnít when the girl produced a dragon and then promptly disintegrated her sword. Although, truth be fair, Static had started that fight.

Next she met Armeno at the beach near the Azure Caves, and after the two engaged in a short practise swordfight (ended by Armeno shooting her with one of his arrows), they set out for Racksom together. They were quickly stopped by none other than a candyfloss cloud, and its haughty ruler, a childlike Mage who demanded they get a book of nursery rhymes for her. They did so, but Kassandra managed to insult the Mage during their task, and the two spent an uncomfortable and awkward night trapped in a tiny candyfloss room together. When they were finally set free and got to Racksom, more bad luck managed to dog them and the insane Tabri attacked them, crushing Armenoís arm and sending Kassandra into shock- she had fallen in love with the elf in the time they spent together. A sorcerer called Foen managed to fix Armenoís arm, but Kassandraís shock took a little longer to heal. Eventually she recovered, and the pair of them stayed with Foen for a few weeks, their romance growing. After sleeping together a couple of times, Armeno decided it was a good idea to go after Tabri again, drugging Kassandra in her sleep. He downed the dragon, albeit not permanently, but gained grievous burns to his back, and his horse Velox was also badly hurt. On arriving back at Foenís, Kassandra woke from her drugged sleep plagued by nightmares, but only made it downstairs before passing out again.

The next morning, she discovered what he had done, and after a fierce argument, she declared their romance over and left.

She headed for Tarz, where she came across Rintho by accident. He discovered her lightning powers, then against her will, experimented on her using the water stone as an amplification device for new magic channels he cut into her back. Confused, terrified and hurt by the whole experience, the experiment worked and her powers were amplified all the same.

After, whilst still in Tarz, she met with Silence Firenza, who tried to talk her into joining the circusÖ

On the way back to Quinsilla, she ran into Jitt; a misunderstanding occurred between the two of them, and Kassandra ended up shocking him into his new state of insanity. Poor dragonÖ
At the battle between the SR and the DDC in Racksom nearly a year later, Static ran into Armeno again- but they were fighting on different sides, something the elf discovered to his horror when she shot Talos after the elf rescued her from a dragon-like monster on the DDCís side. He abandoned her on the battlefield but she tried to reconcile with him, telling him to meet her at the beach again a month later. Jaden scored a hit during the battle, scarring her face, and Talos got one in too, shooting her in the leg. It wasnít a great day for her.

They will meet again in a monthís time.

.:I wanna be your last first kiss:.

My life
Opposites in the moonlight
A chance encounter
Thereís no fun like experimenting with torture
Watch yourself, fire or lightning?
Its always better to be a bit crazy
Tremors in the Earth
And then there was war
Is he your man or isnít he?

Those I know

Armeno Narandal (Lover, star-crossed)
Rintho Jurhaz of Jiluria (Bad acquaintance, assailant)
Tabri (Acquaintance)
Foen (Friend)
Phoebe Altair (Acquaintance)
Talos Serenoa (Enemy)
Ciqala (Acquaintance)
Silence ĒRevinaĒ Firenza (Good acquaintance)
Jitt (Acquaintance, accident)
Bishop St Claire(Friend?)
Jaden (Enemy)
Rokam (Enemy)
Jackdaww (Enemy)
Measle (Enemy)

Kassandra by Rogue on Grooveshark


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Kassandra Lemaire- .:Batshit Crazy:. (Human)
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